5 DIY Christmas decor ideas

5 easy DIY christmas decor ideas

First of all, I’d like to share some very exciting news with you lovelies! We’re about to buy our first Sydney home! This is quite exciting, however we have to be very careful with our spending right now. So that has inspired me to find more creative ways to live without sacrificing my lifestyle. As for example, Christmas decor can cost a fortune. But with a bit of creativity, glue and coloured paper you can create fabulous decorations yourself.

I particularly like these 5 DIY Christmas decor ideas as they are easy to execute and look pretty amazing. For example, tiny glitter Christmas trees can be a great alternative to a traditional Christmas tree (especially, if you don’t have much space like us at the moment).

1. Glitter Christmas Tree DIY, julieannart

2. DIY Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath, bhd

3. Christmas cupcakes decorated with the candy canes, icingdesigns

4. Easy DIY Christmas wreaths, marthastewart

5. Fireplace DIY decor in black and gold, houzz



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  1. DaintyDoll December 14, 2012

    Firstly…Big Congrats to you darling girl!! That is wonderful, am very pleased for you…you will have lots of happiness and love there, no doubt!! How exciting!! So pleased for you :)) These are great, I don’t think you have to go out and spend a lot to have wonderful decorations…store bought things don’t have the love and care in them like items you make yourself and they will carry on happy memories too.These are all super :)) Love the wreaths! Have a great weekend doll xx

  2. Maria V December 17, 2012

     Thank you my dear friend! That will be definitely a new chapter in our life :) and more space to decorate too (next year!) Hope you had a great weekend! xx

  3. Strawbry_Blonde December 14, 2012

    Oh congratulations Maria, how exciting! Love the decoration ideas too. xx

  4. Maria V December 17, 2012

     Thank you dear! We’re super excited too :) I’d love to see your Xmas decor too. Will you blog about it or Instagram? xx

  5. Rosemary Slade December 17, 2013

    Brilliant ideas Maria! I love DIY projects, especially for Christmas. Congratulations on the house too! Soooo exciting!! X