DIY Jil Sander inspired veiled beanie

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While reviewing Spring Summer 2012 collections last September I couldn’t resist the combined elegance and cuteness of Jil Sander’s veiled beanies. Later, with a thought “Well, it wouldn’t be that difficult to make one” I marched to purchase the supplies for my high-end fashion  DIY project. It took me about 10 minutes and $15 in total to re-create this stylish winter accessory.

So today my lovelies I’m sharing with you how to do it yourself.

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how to diy veiled beanie, jils sander beanie, fashion blog sydney, diy blog

1. Wrap around your head to get the correct length and cut to that length.

2. Trim the boarders to make them neat.

3. Fold the veil as pictured on both sides.

4. Wrap the veil around the beanie and attach with pins at the back as shown.

5 & 6. Sew into place each end as shown.

Enjoy your beanie!

diy veiled beanie jil sander, fashion diy blog

The veiled beanie has since moved from runways onto the heads of top fashioniostas all around the world and from there, on to street style blogs. So my dear reader, we also can jump onto the veiled beanie wagon and what is more important, only at a fraction of the Jil Sander price tag :)

Happy Friday!



P.S. White and light blue veiled beanies are also very pretty. In case you wish to try a pastel version.

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