International Polka Dot Day – join in!

international polka dot day

International Polka Dot day is approaching fast! This year it’s set for Sunday, 23 December 2012, so circle the date in your calendar and join the dotted fun!

This event is open to everyone! The main idea is to have fun while showing your appreciation to this happy pattern. The rules are super easy:

1) Wear something with polka dots. It can be anything – shoes, accessories or maybe nail art? Yes, we’re getting SoNailicious to help us with that part.

2) Take a photo of your polka dots.

3) Share it with us via Instagram or Twitter by hashtagging it #polkadotday. You can also share it on CrashingRed’s Facebook (if you wish) or on your FB, just make sure you tag me @CrashingRed in it – so we can see your photos!

Of course, feel free to blog about this event too, the more participants the merrier! Plus, at the end of the event we’ll create a big round up/link up (if you blogged about your polka dotness) featuring all participants on our Facebook and this blog! Of course, this is voluntary and if you don’t want to be featured that’s fine :)

If you need more polka dot inspiration check out our official mood board and feel free to follow. Who knows, maybe you’re the rising star of the polka dot movement?

If you want to know the story behind the Polka Dot day check this post out.

So… are you EXCITED lovelies? Are you joining in?



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  • Natsumi

    This sounds like a great idea! It will motivate me to find something with polka dots as well.

    • Maria V

       YAY!! I’ll send you the invite to our Polka dot inspiration board :)

  • Sabrina Kwan

    I’m not sure how valid it is to say this, but it sounds like you own Polka Dot Day (based on some tweets I’ve seen too). I am okay with this. See you there!

    • Maria V

      yep, that’s right! I even had to patent it :) Can’t wait to see your outfit darling!!!

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Oooh! thinking if I’ve got anything that’s got polka dots! But I’m thinking I might join in! :) 

  • Serena Faber Nelson

    I’m in! xx

  • Tea

    Thanks for organising Maria! Will definitely take part :)

  • Sass

    Sounds like fun as I love polka dots! I’ll take part too!

  • Cottoncandydiva

    Ooh yes! I’ll be joining in and blogging about it! Hehe love polka dots xo

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