Interstate Polka-dot Day

As mentioned in my previous post, one humid summer day my dear blogging friends all across Australia and myself decided to show the world our appreciation of the humble polka dot. It’s not like we were marching down the High streets of Australia wearing polka dots head to toe. No, it was rather modest. All that was required to participate in the inaugural Interstate Polka-dot Day was to wear something polka dot and share your photo with others on Twitter or Instagram (or both).

Here they are, gorgeous and courageous polka-dot appreciators:

Rosemary from Lashes & Lattes  (NSW)

Jacqui from Couture CaddyAdeline – Through Beauty Eyes & Stephanie – Lipstick & Cake (all NSW)

Steph from LeFanciulle (WA)

Well, that’s me and Anastasia (she was representing the youngest generation of polka-dot fans)

As the idea to run Interstate Polka-dot Day came to me suddenly and just before Christmas (24 December it was), we didn’t get to promote it widely. Though next year, we are aiming to make it REALLY big. Wait and see, and perhaps join in, dear reader!

By the way, I recently joined Instagram and yes, it is incredibly addictive! It has a dozen of cool filters that allow to make eye candies out of Iphone photos (like our Interstate Polka-dot Day images). And if  you wish to be-friend me on Instagram, my user name is @DeepBLUE… no, just kidding, it’s  @CrashingRED of course!




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  1. Englishvers January 12, 2012

    Ah, Anastasia is so cute. I just want to embrace her. What a darling child she is!
    How delightful she looks, too. I’m a big polka dot fan. Such a brilliant idea you all had for the International Polka Dot Day;-)

  2. Maiken January 12, 2012

    what a lovely idea! too bad I don’t have a Twitter account or Instagram account. but I should wear polka dots anyway :P

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb January 12, 2012

    Love all these polkadots – you look fabulous in yours (shoes are perfect too)! I think it’s a lovely idea if everyone WERE to walk down the street in polkadots… It’d be brilliant to have public get-togethers like that! Sounds fun!!

    Catherine x

  4. I want to be Barbie January 12, 2012

    so nice :)

  5. Steph January 12, 2012

    I reeeeaaaally want a polka dot blouse now after doing this!! Especially since polka dot dresses are rarely suitable for uni (in the hospital) but I think a polka dot blouse at least has a semlance of serious-ness about it.

    The hunt begins…

    haha! Can’t wait for next year! I think maybe we should have things like this more often :)

    xx S

  6. Jacquii January 12, 2012

    Beautiful post darling!! We all look so good together! With love from LA! xx

  7. Adeline January 12, 2012

    Thanks for the shout out Maria!!! #PolkaDotLovers xx

  8. Chyrel Gomez January 13, 2012

    Wow! How cute is this?! We should have something similar with my girls. XD

  9. Marina January 13, 2012

    This is such an awesome tribute to polka dots!!! and OMG your little girl is absolutely gorgeous!

    <3 Marina

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