Currently residing in Sydney, I was born and raised in Europe. I founded CrashingRed in January 2011 as a social media experiment. Who knew back then that the blog would grow so fast and bring some great opportunities my way.

For example, I was guest blogging for HP Australia at MBFF Sydney, official blogger for Premier Fashion Trade Show, won L’avion Australia Styling Competition in 2012 and was featured in Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Marie Claire and others (full list here). In June 2012 I also founded Australian Fashion Bloggers Union (AFBU), the first official network for invited fashion bloggers.

In November 2012, I’ve launched SoNailicious.com – the first online magazine dedicated to nails only. In March 2013 published my first book. Yay! Check it out here.

Significantly, I’m also a mum to one super cute and cuddly baby girl. Motherhood brings so much joy but it is quite a life changing experience, I won’t deny that. I think this blog helped me a lot to keep my focus, sanity and style too.

I love photography, travelling, DIY and absolutely addicted to nail polishes, heels and red lipsticks. I’m always on a hunt for a great bargain as Donald Trump refused to adopt me. He didn’t agree with me that a pair of designer heels can be a great investment. So for now, I’m continuing investing by myself.

In case you’re wondering English is my second language, so excuse occasional grammar.


Maria V

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