Amusing fact: 100% of men prefer women wearing red lipstick

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Smoky eyes vs red lips

Catwalks, streets, clubs, celebrities – an ongoing rivalry between the two styles seems to be everywhere. Dark gothic beauty or explicit sex appeal? We, women, tend to express our inner state via clothes, hairstyle, makeup and even, colour of our nails. Mystery, melancholy, complexity and inner conflict – that’s what usually smoky look conveys. While classic red lips appearance is often seen as open, powerful, passionate and slightly audacious.

marusya-smoky-eye-makeupGirls love wearing enigmatic smoky makeup when out or even as a casual look. I am a big fan too! However, what a surprise – guys absolutely hate it… The first warning sign occurred when my male friend got scared of me wearing a cat eye makeup (see the photo). Even, though, it was done in a nicest way possible.

Such reaction on my perfectly executed cat eyes raised a big question about what guys consider as beautiful. So I brought 2 photographs to work to ask male colleagues about their fav look on a girl. To complete the research, I also inquired my male friends about the same looks.

Here are the results of my research:

–          The red lips look was voted 100% as a favourite. Even the most artistic individuals has not picked the smoky look

–          “Nothing can be worst than those kind of black eyes on girls. Why???”, “Is she a drug addict?”, “Get her to wash it off and then I’ll tell if she is ok” were some of the comments regarding the photo of a beautiful “smoky” girl

–          “I would not mind to know more about her”, “That is the woman!”, or just an extensive stare at the photo (you know what does this means for a guy, right?) were comments on a photo of a red-lipped bombshell.

red lips marusya from crashingredThe end of the story, girls! Make your own conclusions. However, if you are dreaming about meeting your prince, be careful not to scare him away with a mysterious look of your beautiful smoky eyes. Personally, I am holding back on this look until next rock concert.

P.S. Lovelies, all the secrets about creating a perfect ‘red lips’ look  – see this post!



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  1. Chyrel February 21, 2011

    i love the smoky eyed look but red lips are really eye catching.

  2. Kaitlyn February 21, 2011

    Great post! Very though provoking…hmm. Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime lovely :)

    x K
    -An Aussie girl’s fashion musings.

  3. Reg February 22, 2011

    red lipstick is just so sexy! whereas smokey eyes i think is girls’ sexy. there’s an article about what guys vs girls find sexy on yahoo i think, not sure, but it really was interesting to find out the difference in male/female perspective ;) great post, dear!


  4. Reg February 22, 2011

    oh i found out, it’s from cosmo after all. :) here, i hope this helps!

  5. Lakin February 24, 2011

    I’m totally a red lips girl. The eyes can speak for themselves.

  6. Caroline February 26, 2011

    Ahh, i love red lips too! Red lips forever :D

  7. Jacquelyn February 28, 2011

    I love all those makeup photos. I will definitely start wearing more red lipstick now! haha.


  8. Jenny March 3, 2011

    absolutaly disagree :) no doubt, that red lips is suitable only special situations, right? and only with suitable clothes and suitable place, right? and smoky eyes dont mean the black eyes as we may see at the pics. but nothin can be more gorgeous then the face without any make-up. my bf always says me so :)

  9. Marusya V March 3, 2011

    Jenny, of course, nothing can be more beautiful than fresh bare face :) however this post is about the choice red lips V smoky eyes – and guys picked red lips look! Next time, I will investigate what boys think about girls going bare face;) – so we can all see what they think about that!

  10. Oh i just talked about red lips. I missed your post ! I love this ! You do it so perfect !
    The one thing for me though is to do a heavier eye makeup because the camera washes away the eye makeup in the editing.
    In everyday look i go lighter on the eye.
    I love the smokey eye for a rock look so much !

  11. Gabrielle March 5, 2011

    Very interesting! Great read.

  12. Marusya V March 9, 2011

    Amy Keep via Facebook: in March issue Woman’s Day Australia ?”according to a Manchester university study, men looked at women’s lips for only 2.2 seconds if they wore no lipstick, around six seconds if they wore pink and a lipsmacking 7.3 seconds if they wore red lipstick.”

  13. barrets nexium March 26, 2011

    Nice site, Thanks.

  14. Adeline September 19, 2012

    Interesting surveys you have there. Personally to guys, I think its more of with make up or no make up. But I do agree – some OVERdone smokey eyes do make some girls look tacky! I am a fan of both, depending on my mood :P

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  16. Dpa November 9, 2015

    Not a fan of a lipstick ( coz my lips are already plump and peachy) and I disagree…!!
    I have heard men attracted to me tell me time and again that they hate to see me put or even sticky lip gloss let alone LIPSTICK, that too a red one on a daily basis!!
    Maybe it’s me, maybe its an asian thing with our darker and even toned complexion , but with a gajal (homemade) which creates smokey eyes , i always get compliments…

    BTW my husband loves me bare faced but he runs away when I wear a lipstick, scared of getting stains and kissing ! haha