Fab Friday – Top 5 foundations for mature skin

top foundations for mature skin

It’s been over 2 years since I’ve put together a list of my best foundations. Since then many more amazing products have arrived on the market. It’s even strange to think that back then, in 2011, mineral make-up, BB and CC creams didn’t exist!

Moreover, not only the market has changed but also my lifestyle has changed dramatically – from a corporate ladder climber to a busy mother. My make-up routine has changed accordingly and I started looking for new qualities in products when updating my beauty bag. Right now my main criteria when choosing a foundation are:

  • easy and quick to use, I don’t have much time for make-up at the moment
  • more affordable, since you know, having a baby changes your priorities
  • effective coverage of skin imperfections without adding extra age and defying every single wrinkle.

So dear reader, if you’re looking for the same things in your foundation then the list below is for you. I went through dozens and dozens of foundations to find those that meet the above criteria.

mac face and body foundation

best foundation mature skin


1. Jane Iredale Glow Time SPF 25+ UVA/UVB Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream – it’s economical, only a tiny amount is needed for full coverage. It’s natural and it has a high UVA/UVB filter. Slides onto skin perfectly and covers all impurities without adding extra years to your face. I use this one for special occasions when a perfect face and full make-up is required. Get it here.

2. Clarins Hydra Care Tinted Moisturizer SPF 6 – Makes you look nice and rested even if you only slept 2 hours last night. Nice smell. I use it on a day-to-day basis. Get it here.

3. L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream – colour correcting beautifier SPF12 – Affordable with an amazing formula that adjusts to your skin tone making it virtually invisible. It’s great for days when you don’t feel like wearing any make-up. Just add some L’Oreal CC cream to your face and you’re instantly look more pretty and rested. I wear this one anywhere from a casual coffee or, with some mascara and lip gloss, to high-profile events. Get it here or for Australians – here.

4. MAC Face and Body Foundation – A great invisible foundation that’s easy to apply and comes in a big bottle, it’s MAC after all. It was recommended to me by friend, fellow blogger and make-up artist, Sara-May and I’ve never regretted about getting this one. It works wonders. Get it here or in your local MAC store.

5. Innoxa Satin Sheen SPF 30+ – Australian brand. Great coverage, plus extra high SPF protection. It’s affordable too. I wear this one on weekends to the beach (yes I do! it acts as my sun-screen) and long outings under the sun. Get it here.

And just in case you’re curious what Kate Moss has got to do with the foundations I’m showing to you today… well, everything. She looks amazing for 39 years old and that’s partially because of make-up. So get your healthy glow on ladies, erase those sleepless nights with a good foundation – no extra wrinkles attached.  If my word is not enough, trust in Kate!

Maria xx

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  1. Sunshine August 23, 2013

    Great list of foundations. I love how the Loreal CC cream adjusts to the skin tone. I’d love to try the Clarins tinted moisturiser. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that brand but never used it before.

  2. Thank you! Glad you found this list useful! If you like L’Oreal definitely try Clarins and Mac then! They provide with similar level of coverage but feel slightly different on skin.

  3. Amalia J August 23, 2013

    Out of these I’ve only tried Mac…I’d like to try the loreal cc too!

  4. The L’Oreal one is so good! You’ll love it. It’s invisible on skin! x

  5. Amalia J August 26, 2013

    Yay! I ordered it but they did have three different kinds, I wasn’t sure which one to try first :)

  6. caramellitsa September 1, 2013

    mac face n body is a very good foundation,agree!

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