Chanel 2012 makeup how to

Chanel 2012 makeup 4

Chanel 2012 makeup

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Remember the post where I presented the hottest makeup looks of the new summer 2012 season. Today, I’m sharing with you my lovelies, how to re-create that gorgeous Chanel’s mermaid princess. It is so fresh, youthful and infinitely feminine. Just perfect for spring! In the original look, eponymous makeup products were used. However, you can easily re-create the princess look with products that are already in your beauty box.  In the short video tutorial I’m showing you how to!

Ready your beauty weapons as listed below. Click “Play” on the video above and let Chanel’s magic work for you!

–          A good coverage foundation and a primer if you wish

–          Highlighter

–          Shimmery light pink (or ivory), white and light purple (or lavender) eye shadows

–          Taupe eye shadows for brows

–          Black or dark blue liquid eyeliner

–          Volume black mascara

–          Rose shade blush

–          Sheer lipstick or lip gloss of light rose shade

Have a Fabulous Friday lovelies!



P.S. This is my first ever attempt in creating videos for this blog. We put a lot of effort in this how to video, so would love to find out what you think about it!


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  1. The Pink Margarita February 17, 2012

    love! you look amazing. :) must try this one too. thanks for sharing doll!

    The Pink Margarita

  2. Nusardel February 17, 2012

    I’m not one for beauty tutorials, mostly due to the fact that I have no use for them, but I decided I’d watch this one, and I wasn’t let down. It’s great. I think you should definitely do some more! x

  3. Antonia-Ivana February 17, 2012

    The video is great and it has such a good quality. thumbs up!! :-)

  4. Rin February 17, 2012

    Very nicely executed! You look lovely & fresh. I like it :) PS. How do you maintain your hair? It looks so shiny & silky! You would need a bandaid if you ran your fingers through my hair, because it’ll probably cut you :-/

  5. The Dainty Doll's House February 18, 2012

    You look marvelous, so enjoyed the video!! Marvelous job, you can tell a lot of hard work went into that!! Be proud of yourself!! Beautiful as always my sweet!! xxx

  6. Vita February 18, 2012

    Because I have blue/green eyes light and bright eyeshadow shades are my favourites. So easy to wear and they brighten up my eyes. I’ll be checking these out!

  7. S from Le Fanciulle February 18, 2012

    This is GOOD! Lovely tutorial & so easy to follow. I like how you have typed instructions instead of just saying it out loud, I much prefer your way to other videos. And also love how you don’t just reel off a huge list of specific branded products you need… much more realistic to just give the colour & alternatives.

    Love it!

    xx S

  8. Angela February 18, 2012

    I loved this, Marusya! I’d love more. :D

  9. Jacquii February 18, 2012

    WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY!! You’ve nailed this look hun. Wedding makeup maybe? :)


  10. Tine February 19, 2012

    Love the video, Maria! Like the slow-mo, and I think there’s a slight vignette to it? Love it! :)

  11. Michelle February 19, 2012

    Love this video! I have to try this look myself. I also love the way you don’t push certain brands of what you used but just specified the shades so we can choose alternatives we have instead.

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