Fabulous Friday: Beauty regimen for glowing skin

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Quality skincare are essential, but not the only ingredients of a beauty regimen ..

At the risk of sounding immodest, I often get compliments on my skin. Many people seem to think that being European guarantees  good skin. In reality, it is  a proper beauty regimen and great skincare products that stand behind your skin appearance. So here, lovelies, I am revealing my secrets for maintaining glowing and youthful skin.

1.      High quality skincare products.

Yes, they can be costly but seriously, consider it is an investment. Your skin is an asset. The earlier you will start looking after it properly, the better the returns will be. Buy and use skincare appropriate to your age and type of skin. Say for example, if you are 35 years old, simple moisturiser is just not enough; invest in effective anti ageing product.

My choice is Lancome Primordial Skin Recharge skincare (first image) consisting of:

–          Visible Smoothing Renewing Moisturiser SPF 15

–          Visible Revitalising Renewing Night Mosituriser

–          Visible Smoothing Renewing Eye Cream

–          Cell Defence and Skin Perfecting Serum

I found that these products suit my skin needs the best: dryness and first signs of ageing. To find out what is the best for your skin, try different brands until you find the most effective. It took me to change about 6 brands before settling on Lancome. To save up, I buy all my skincare from strawberrynet.com at just a fraction of the price of retail shops.

2.      Beauty routine.

Follow your routine religiously every day and night. Never skip a step. Never go to bed with makeup: this is one of the worst things you can do to your skin.

  1. Cleanse / remove makeup
  2. Apply toning lotion
  3. Apply serum
  4. Eye cream
  5. Moisturiser (as a minimum with SPF15 for a day time)
  6. Exfoliate once or twice a week.

Steps 1 & 2 that’s where you can save your dollars: there is no need to buy top range products but pick a good quality cleanser that will leave your skin fresh and remove makeup well. Once again, find a cleanser that suits you best, i.e. leaves your skin clean without any feeling of discomfort. Good toner is important as it is preparing your skin to receive nutrients from the serum and moisturiser. Weekly exfoliation is crucial in maintaining skin radiance and preventing breakouts.

I use Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Lancome Tonique Confort Re-hydrating Toner and Clarins Exfolating Cream with Microbeads.

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Glowing skin must haves: cleanser + exfoliator

3.      Beauty food supplements.

Modern fast paced life makes it difficult to have a properly balanced diet and get enough of essential nutrients to maintain your skin health. Vitamins and food supplements are the easiest way to support your skin from within.

I’ve tried different vitamins and found that the most effective (again, for me) are Blackmores’ Nails, Hair and Skin formula. I actually noticed a significant improvement after a few weeks of taking them.

Beauty food supplements, Blackmores nails, hair and skin vitamins, crashingred, beauty blog
Feed your skin from within!

4.      Sleep.

Numerous research results prove the effectiveness of proper and regular sleep in order to maintain youth of your skin. All I can say is that when on holidays I sleep for 8 hours everyday, my skin appearance improves rapidly and dark circles under eyes disappear completely. Ideally, I would love to follow the 8 hours rule all the time but in fact, I live on a much less sleep. Anyways, sleep if you can and as much as you can: the more the better for your skin!

Exercising, sun protection (SPF), not smoking, moderate alcohol and sweets consumption also help your skin to look its best.  All proven from my own experience… However, even though it would be ideal to follow all the healthy skin rules, I understand that in reality it is not always possible. So at least try to incorporate the 4 easy points: good skincare products, beauty routine, food supplements and sleep, and your skin will generously repay you with its suppleness and glow.

Hope you find this post useful and please, do share with us your tricks for looking after your skin :)

Have a Fabulous Friday lovelies and a weekend full of joy!

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  1. Elina K July 8, 2011

    Very interesting post! I love all Lancome products! And I like the cleanser you use too!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you now and I’m following you on bloglovin too. Feel free to do the same! x


  2. Hip & Haute July 8, 2011

    Great post lovely. Couldn’t agree more… skin care is an investment! And it’s one of the things that people look at every single day… so look after it! You didn’t mention what facial sunscreen you use?

  3. Victoria July 8, 2011

    I’ve been wanting to try Primordiale line for a long time, as I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about it. ;) Might try when I run out of my current creams and cleansers.

    Great post! Will try those vitamins as well. :))

  4. Alyssa (The BF Mashup) July 8, 2011

    Nice post! You have really nice skincare products. What do you recommend for a good eye cream? Sadly I inherited my family’s under-eye dark circles. I do not have a lot of money to spend and would like something from the drugstore :] Thank you for following me back and supporting me with my blog! It is greatly appreciated!

    Check out my new post!
    -The BF Mashup

    p.s. I am following you via Bloglovin’ :]

  5. Vita July 8, 2011

    I agree about good quality skin care. I use Shiseido and I find my skin always feels and looks smooth and soft. I’m a bit on the fence about the SPF now though – my doctor has told me to stop with the SPF because my vitamin D levels are half what they should be! Ah well, nothing a good supplement can’t fix!

  6. MM July 8, 2011

    I love Clarins and Lancome products!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, honey!!

    Hugs and kisses

  7. Amy July 8, 2011

    My strict budget is keeping my hands tied on my beauty regimen, but I’ve never seen StrawberryNet, so thank you for sharing that! Will be checking it out, in about two minutes ;)
    I use St. Ives green olives cleanser (great value and a great product) and the St.Ives green tea exfoliator. Neither dries out my skin or increases the acne on my face (two things I have huge problems with). I’ve recently moved to the new Loreal YouthCode night and eye cream and use an avon day cream. I highly, highly recommend pure rosehip oil. The benefits are fantastic and it’s really good value because you only ever use a drop or two at a time.

  8. Francesca R July 8, 2011

    I am a mess when it comes to skin care. I have to follow your tips and i’ll do that!
    I am following you back!

  9. Alice & Gabriela July 9, 2011

    If we treat our skin this well “she” will be very thankful :)

    xx (from Menroca)

  10. nanakkii July 9, 2011

    I envy all those products. I used a lot of Kiehls products. i think they work a treat. i also completely adore clarins.


  11. S July 9, 2011

    really nice post!
    Very complete and useful!

  12. Margarida July 9, 2011

    Hello! It’s great seeing a beautiful and healthy skin. Thanks for your tips. I also love Lancome and Clarins cosmetics that have great quality!
    Kisses :)

  13. Danielle July 10, 2011

    Love Lancome, thanks for the tips :)


  14. Christina @ Hair Romance July 10, 2011

    Great tips! I have just bought those Blackmore vitamins but I keep forgetting to take them! Glad to hear they work!

  15. Marina July 12, 2011

    Great post doll and thank you so much for sharing with us all your beauty/glowing secrets. Never met you in person but I can totally see your skin is absolutely flawless.
    My products are totally organic and take vitamins for my hair and nails too.
    Loving this post.

    <3 Marina

  16. Immy July 16, 2011

    Really good post :) I should try the brands you’re using :) I use Clinique but sometimes feels like its losing its effect….