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Eyes are the window to your soul… and we all want to know how to keep that window glowing, youthful and shadow free. The trick is to look after your skin from a young age. I have been using creams since I was 12. My first creams were basic and over time I moved onto more advanced. Dark circles were always my major issue and after hitting 27, wrinkles became my second enemy.

Now, at 30 I have tried dozens of different eye creams in an effort to maintain my youthful appearance and can tell you – not all creams accomplished their promises. So here my lovelies, I share with you the best of everything tried so far and what I can personally recommend based on effectiveness.

Top 5 eye creams with proven effectiveness

The Top 5:

1. Clinique – All About Eyes

Great all-rounder for early 20-s. Lightweight and easy to use. Takes away the dark circles, puffiness and smoothes early fine lines. Perfect makeup base as it actually helps to hold makeup in place and will make your eyes shine in the morning if applied overnight. Non-allergic. Some continue using this wonder-cream even into their 40-s.

$29 – at Clinique

2. Chanel – Beauté Initiale Eye

Suitable for 20-somethings. Smoothes signs of fatigue – dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Its rosy silky smooth texture feels great on skin and your eyes appear refreshed in the morning after overnight application. This cream helps to prevent the first signs of ageing, but if you notice wrinkles appearing it’s time to change your cream.

$70 – at Chanel

3. Lancome – Primordiale Skin Recharge Eye Cream – Visible Smoothing Renewing Eye Moisturiser

Perfect to fight first signs of ageing (around 25-30) and yes, the results are visible. I noticed a significant progress after 3 first weeks of using this cream – dark circles and wrinkles were gone! Love its easy to apply, ultra smooth cream gel texture. Rich with vitamin E this cream will protect you from premature aging. I have been using this cream for over a year now.

$57.50 at strawberrynet.com

4. Dior Capture R60/80 First Wrinkles Smoothing Eye Cream

Another great cream for 25-35. It refreshes your eyes, reduces dark circles and first wrinkles, has very smooth texture and is easy to apply.  At some extent Dior cream was even more effective than Lancome (No 2). But for whatever reasons this cream gave me tingly sensation every time I put it on. Such tingling can be easily offset by amazing beautifying qualities of this cream, if you are fine with that than it is for you.

$54.50 – at strawberrynet.com

5.    Chanel – Precision Ultra Correction Lift Total Eye Lift

Great for 35-40 somethings. I had a chance to try this cream over the last month and the results were quite surprising. This cream completely removed fine lines which my previous creams (Lancome & Dior) could not. So it is quite effective in smoothing deeper lines and perfect for mature skin. Skin around eyes looked firmer just in 2 weeks, also puffiness was reduced significantly. Great as a makeup base too.

$100 – from Chanel

Also there is one more eye product I would love to recommend. It is a truly magical cream which I use only for special occasions paired with a special mask to give my skin and eyes ultra-luminosity. The secret will be revealed in my next Fabulous Friday post!

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  1. Kori March 25, 2011

    I can’t wait to hear about the secret product! I’m an eye cream fanatic!

    You probably already know, but did you hear my great news yesterday? Kori xoxo


  2. vanesa March 25, 2011

    Thanks for sharing this good information for our eyes care.


  3. Closet Fashionista March 25, 2011

    Great reviews! I’ll have to try some of them, but some are soooo expensive, haha

  4. Marusya V March 25, 2011

    Thanks girls for your comments:) @Closet Fashionista Yes, it may seem expensive to spend $50 on your cream but consider it as an investment. Plus you can save on other things, like, for example, do you really need 14 bags in your wardrobe? Nothing can make a girl or a woman looking more beautiful than a glowing skin and youth. To maintain it – you have to invest in it:) So make a choice – another bag/shoes/etc or young and glowing face?

  5. jazzy elizabeth March 26, 2011

    I adore clinique’s! x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

  6. Marina H March 29, 2011

    Great post girl…I’ll definitely will be trying some of these fab eye creams!


  7. Andrea FoxInFlats.com April 1, 2011

    Lovely site, came discovered via Nuffnang this morning.

    Just created the Inauguaral Beauty Awards on Aisle 5 over at FoxInFlats, basically a round up of great products you can buy in the supermarket. Do you have a budget eye cream you could recommend? What about a night cream? WOuld love your opinion!

  8. Katy Potaty July 9, 2012

    I’m about to turn 31, but still love the classic Clinique – All About Eyes cream, such a great simple and effective eye cream!

  9. Bonisiwe Zungu October 19, 2015

    i’m 30 years, i want eye cream and ageless cream,, where can i get it and what product can i get?. Please help me, I love my body. I want to look like 25 years