Getting ready for IMATS and the ABBW

Floral print, boho style, going to IMATS 2011, the ABBW 2011 Sydney fashion, beauty blog

International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) and the Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend (The ABBW) are coming to Sydney this weekend.  Two major beauty events combined means enormous pressure on fragile shoulders of beauty bloggers. While looking your very best, you should also see and cover as much as possible. When attending events of such magnitude planning in advance whatever you can is the key to getting the most of out it.

In terms of outfits, so far I have two options (pictured) for Saturday. Retro boho for the day and glamour for the night. For Sunday, I have not decided yet… Hopefully, these outfits will be complimented by a glowing face. As a brand new mum I look these days more like a panda rather than human being. So in preparation for the ABBW, I am trying to brighten up my pale complexion by getting extra-cherishment for my skin.

Glamour style, outfit, IMATS 2011, the ABBW 2011 Sydney fashion, beauty blog

As for the IMATS exhibition, I created a personalised Beauty Itinerary that includes MAC, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Naked Cosmetics, Hakuhodo and a few other brands. Also I will be attending Get Inspired, Stay Inspired by Napoleon Perdis and one other surprise presentation. In case you are interested to join us, full list of exhibitors and presenters can be found here.

Finally, the shopping list. I will be looking for more magical makeup products to go into my beauty box. What are they? I don’t know yet but we (and you, dear reader too) will find out soon! Stay tuned for more IMATS and ABBW updates starting this Sunday.

You can also follow me on twitter for real time updates, if you want to :)

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  1. Amalia September 21, 2011

    I think that your picks are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!lOve them all!:D

    Check my Blog
    and on-line store !! :)

  2. vanesa Díaz September 21, 2011
  3. Alexandra September 21, 2011

    Thanks dear for your comment!

    Pearls are the best! They are so classy yet stylish and chic! It does not matter how old are you, pearls will always be suitable! The whole outfits seems to be so romantic! and the nude nailpolisher is super hype;))



  4. Emily Ulrich September 21, 2011

    The photography in this post is beautiful! Love the lighting. Have a great/busy weekend! I think those outfit options are fantastic (from what I can tell).

  5. Maiken September 21, 2011

    good luck with those events and I bet you’ll look glamorous there! ;)

  6. Rin September 21, 2011

    Are you finding it fun, preparing for these events? Personally, I LIVE for stuff like this. I find it so fun to pick outfits, pack luggage, etc etc. I’m rather evious of you right now! It sounds like it will be so much fun :). The first outfit looks so pretty, I’m looking forward to seeing photos of the weekend xo

  7. Me my best and I September 21, 2011

    Yay – see you there. I’m waiting on an ASOS parcel- Its going to be hit and miss- lets hope it land before Friday or Ill be going to plan c,d,e or maybe f!!

    (Black&Cream stripes number looks stunning x)

  8. marie in the USA September 21, 2011

    Great picks! I love that I can read passion between the lines on your blog!

  9. Ling September 21, 2011

    woweeee! gorgeous!

  10. vanda September 21, 2011

    Great stuff! I WANt the black & cream dress and those gorgeous shoes!!!!!!

  11. Megan September 21, 2011

    You’re going to look gorgeous, love that dress!

  12. Molly September 21, 2011

    Yay! I’m going to start packing tonight..maybe have a mini fashion parade to decide what to wear lol. I can’t wait to meet you :)

  13. Kiki September 22, 2011

    Hello there sweetie! Great post and pictures!
    Wish you a great evening!

    My cooking blog, support me:

    xoxo Kiki

  14. Emma September 22, 2011

    Sounds like lot’s of fun – Loving the glamour look take lot’s of pics for us & Enjoy!

  15. Belinda September 23, 2011

    So much planning! I have tried to plan but I’m sure I’ll get there and ill look mis matched. It’s so hard to pack in advance without knowing weather and things. If only i could pack my entire bedroom

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