Jade and gold

Jade eyeshadows makeup, gold and green, new season makeup trend, smokey eye, crashingred, sydney beauty blog

A couple of days ago we went out for a dinner and I thought of creating a look to match the mysterious shady atmosphere of the restaurant we were going to. Yes, you read it right: not lofty matters but a restaurant was my inspiration. I will post photos of my full outfit later. Yet today the story is about the makeup.

It has been created using two products that I picked up at a beauty blogger swap: L’Oreal HIP eyeshadows in Sassy and NYX golden glitter (see image below). As they say one man’s trash another man’s treasure. Out of all 125 shades of green, my absolute favourite is jade. You can easily tell that from my Twitter profile photo. I love gold too. So as soon as I saw these shimmery jade eyeshadows and glitter on a table, their destiny was determined and… here they are fully in action!

Jade eyeshadows makeup, gold and green, new season makeup trend, smokey eye, long golden earrings, sydney beauty blog

NYX gold glitter, jade hip Loreal eyeshadows Sassy 208, 22 jumpin jade sally hansen nail polish

Makeup for green eyes, gold and green, new season makeup trend, smokey eye, long golden earrings, sydney beauty blog

How to: A thick layer of eyeshadow with a hint of glitter on top. If you are interested to know how to recreate the look you can find a step-by-step smokey eye makeup tutorial here.

A special thank you to charming Rosy who made my day by bringing these treasures to a beauty swap.

A very special thank you to wonderful & super patient Joseph who took these (and many other) photos of me.

And to you all lovelies:

Have a Fabulous Friday!

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  1. Saumya August 19, 2011

    ooooooh ..love the eyes .. super stunning … love the entire face …eagerly waiting for the outfit post now ..

  2. KizzyDoll August 19, 2011

    You look stunning, I quite love jade and gold too, they compliment each other so well!! I was thinking of green as well this week with my post today :) Have a great weekend doll xx

  3. Kate L. August 19, 2011

    Beautiful eye makeup and the earrings are gorgeous.

    Fashion Cat

  4. Maryam August 20, 2011

    Marusya, this is lovely–just looooovely!!! You look so sophisticated and RICH!!! LOVE IT DAHLINGGGGG


  5. Kelly August 20, 2011

    Fabulous! I love your earrings and your eye makeup!
    <3 Kelly

  6. Lindsay August 20, 2011

    Love this look! So pretty!

  7. I’ve never been a fan of make-up but you sure do look gorgeous.

  8. Kelly-Ann August 21, 2011

    Gorgeous. The eye makeup has the smoky, moody 60s style but it’s also pretty because of the shimmer in the powder – not too overbearing.

    (Also, awesome earrings and PERFECT eyebrows.)

  9. simplyfrabulous August 23, 2011

    I love the smoky eyes, and the combination with these earings, is just perfect. It reminds me of a noir movie :)

    Can’t wait to see your coverage of Sidney Fashion week!!


  10. Kiki Chaos August 28, 2011

    That is a gorgeous eyeshadow combination. I would never have thought of the gold glitter over the top. Looks stunning.

  11. Cláudia Tavares August 29, 2011

    Those earrings are incredible and you really pull off a shimmer shade:)
    Your eyes look gorgeous!