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I’ve been hooked on this skincare line since being introduced to it. I have already praised their products in  my previous beauty posts and now I’ll fully disclose the range responsible for my glowing skin – it’s Skin Virtue Pure Nourish!

Skin Virtue is new Australian beauty brand whose products are developed in Italy. They are designed for busy, multi-tasking women so of course, when offered to test the range, I happily agreed. After the 2nd week of using this range I started noticing visible improvements and by the 4th week I was happy with my reflection in the mirror. Everybody who has children will understand me – dark circles and dull skin are inevitable when you become a mum because the arrival of a child means the departure of your sleep. Now, after 2 months I’m blogging about this range as I thought it worth sharing with you lovelies.

So, currently I’m using:

  • Pure Line Repair Advanced Eye Renewal Complex
  • Pure Nourish Cream Advanced Skin Repair and Cellular Reconstruction (night cream)
  • Pure Protect Fluid Regenerating Hydra Balance (day cream)
  • Pure Re-surfacer Resurfacing Cell Renewal Exfoliator
  • Pure Nourish Super Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Skin Virtue Pure Nourish range, product review, anti ageing skincare, Australian beauty products, wrinkles reduction, sydney beauty blogThe Promise:

“Representing a breakthrough in anti-aging technology, this range consists of a five step regime, which addresses the myriad of changes associated with ageing, including hormonal changes, environmental damages and social stresses. The unique line of products helps to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye circles, discoloration and general skintone and texture”

The Verdict:
  • Visible improvement after 2 weeks – smoother and more radiant skin.
  • After 1 month – micro-wrinkles are reduced plus younger looking skin. I’m not sure how much younger I look now but let me tell you – I’m proudly looking at my own reflection. You’d never guess how old I am :P
  • Yes, general skintone and texture were improved.
  • Re: circles under eyes, they are still here. However, there is no cream in the world that could erase a constant lack of sleep (not even my secret weapon Chanel helps my panda eyes anymore). I noticed softening of fine lines around eyes and some lifting effect though.
Skin Virtue Pure Nourish range, texture, product review, anti ageing skincare, Australian beauty products, sydney beauty blog
What I particularly like about the Pure Nourish range:
  • Texture (creams). Absorbs well and doesn’t leave any greasy feel. Smells nice too.
  • The exfoliator does something unbelievable to your skin. Noticeably younger after each use. More about the exfoliator read here.
  • The cleanser is perfect for those who have dry skin. It is now my Number one of all cleansers I’ve tried. More about the cleanser read here.
  • The packaging. All products are in convenient squeeze containers which is great not only for economy (you can’t accidentally extract more product than you need) but also hygiene. The bottles are also light which makes them perfect for traveling (no more 2 kg of beauty products in your luggage).
  • Finally, its safe for little children. What a strange quality to outline, you may say. Well, it becomes important when you have a little curious bub crawling around all the time. So proven by personal experience: these bottles can be dropped, bitten, rolled and they survive.
What I dislike:
  • The day cream does not contain SPF screen, which is not a big issue as I use +30SPF anyways. However not everybody likes/remembers applying layers of sun protection, so it would be great to include at least +15SPF
  • As I have very dry skin, the night cream was not sufficient to cover my skin needs in moisture so I started using Clarins Vital Light serum in conjunction with Pure Nourish. The effect was immediate and positive. So if anyone aims for maximum results (smoother skin) you have to add a serum.
Final Note:
  • Cleanser and Exfoliator – you have to apply them on dry face to work their best. I don’t know why but that’s how it works.

I’m a big fan of using products (from cleanser to eye cream) from the same brand/range in my skincare regime. I believe that if they were created to be used as a system than it is more beneficial for your skin to you use them together. Previously I’ve used ranges from Lancome, Nivea, Clarins and now Pure Nourish. Will I re-purchase? Yes, definitely! (…unless I lay my hands on something else new to try which, let’s admit, often happens with anyone who is obsessed with beauty products)

Have a Fabulous Friday, lovelies!!!



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  1. Tegan @ teganias thoughts February 3, 2012

    great review Maria!! I am so keen to hunt out this range now, you have sold me! xx

  2. The Dainty Doll's House February 3, 2012

    Looks great, fab review!! I love products as well and like to have the whole range of the same make as well! Hope you have a great weekend doll xxx

  3. Maiken February 4, 2012

    nice post, dear :) I love discovering new products! though I guess I will not get a chance to try those here. anyway, I love the feeling when I have found a good new product :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Joanne Faith February 5, 2012

    Great review – I’m always interested to read about new products so this was great. I think you might be on to something with using products from the same range together. ;)