How to – Pink nails with gold embellishments

pink nails and how to easy nail art

I received so many compliments and questions about my manicure from this post, that I decided to share how to do it yourself with you all. It looks very dressy and can be worn with all shades of pastels and neutrals. Plus, this nail art design is suitable for very short nails (like mine at the moment). Of course, as with all of my other  DIY manicures, this pink nail art is really easy to re-create.


How to nail art pink nails with gold

1. Apply one coat of light pink nail polish on each nail leaving a diagonal area at the tip uncovered and let it dry. Use sticky tape as a mask to get a precise line. I used OPI Elephantastic Pink NL 142 nail polish.

2. Paint white nail polish over the unpainted tips keeping the same angle. I used Revlon 010 Sheer Cotton.

3. Use toothpick to apply gold dots of nail polish along the line (Revlon 925 Gold Coins). Let it dry and apply the topcoat.

What I love about this type of DIY nail art that there are endless variations of patterns and colour combinations to suit any look.

Happy Fabulous Friday lovelies!!!



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  1. Those are fabulous!! Will have to give it a try :) Have a great weekend star!! xx

  2. Johanna May 26, 2012

    This looks awesome, I really have to try this out! Thank you for the tutorial. :) xoxo

  3. wtmontana May 26, 2012

    I love this look, super cute too! I was inspired by @higasaurus on instagram last night; and now have half of my nail in lilac and the other half clear based chunks of gold glitter. It’s so fun to do something different with your nails!

  4. Jaeger May 26, 2012



  5. Christine May 28, 2012

    Really cute! I’m never good at nail art but this looks easy enough!

  6. Melinda May 29, 2012

    I loveee it! Beautiful colour combination and with my horribly short nails at the moment, it is perfect.


  7. Antonia-Ivana May 30, 2012

    It looks very nice and I like the colors you chose.

  8. Helen May 31, 2012

    Very pretty Maria, one of the nicest ones I’ve seen!
    From afar, they looked like partial clouds which is very cute :)