Nivea Q10 Anti-Wrinkle System

Nivea Q10 Anti ageing skin care, product review, beauty blog crashingred

Dear reader, if you have been following me on Twitter you may already know how fanatical I am about skin care. You also probably know what my beauty routine is like. However, I understand that not everyone is willing or can spend $100 on creams. So today I present you with a skin care range that I consider effective, yet not damaging for your savings account.

Nivea Q10 Anti-Wrinkle System:

Q10 Anti-wrinkle Day cream with SPF 15, RRP $17.72

Q10 Anti-wrinkle eye cream, RRP $17.72

Q10 Anti-wrinkle night cream, RRP $17.72


These Nivea products were given to me at the ABBW 2011 and seriously, at first I was not sure if I would be using these creams at all. Here’s why – in Russia I used a range of chemist brands such as Nivea and Garnier and I actually really liked them. What put me off them? When I first came to Australia, I bought my beloved chemist brands again. However within the first week of using those creams I was really disappointed by their poor performance.  Whether they changed the formula or formulas vary from country to country, I don’t know. But those creams were just not good for my face and ended up being used for my hands instead.

So when I was given the said Nivea to try I was a bit sceptical about them. However, as a very curious person by nature I thought I’d give Nivea another go! After testing the Q10 range for 2 weeks, I was quite satisfied with the results and thus decided to make this post.

The promise:

Day and Night Cream: Smoother, younger-looking skin, fights existing lines and wrinkles. Day cream also contains SPF15.

Eye Cream: Smoother, younger-looking skin; minimises the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles

The series contain Q10 – a powerful Coenzyme found naturally in the skin that makes it prone to external influences, one of the causes of premature skin-ageing.

Nivea Q10 Anti ageing day cream, product review, beauty blog crashingred

Nivea Q10 Anti ageing night cream, product review, beauty blog crashingred

Nivea Q10 Anti ageing eye cream, product review, beauty blog crashingred

The reality:

  • I did not notice any visible improvement of my skin condition BUT it didn’t get worse either. I consider that a great achievement for a chemist brand.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to compete with a high end skincare I have been using before.
  • Usually my attempts to go for something cheaper than Lancome would have tearful consequences (here is an example). Yet with Nivea’s creams my skin didn’t experience any strange side effects, instead the creams allowed me to maintain the same level of smoothness.
  • Effective UVA and UVB protection. I spent a few hours at the beach wearing no other SPF protection but the day cream and my face and neck were absolutely fine.
  • Both day and night creams have nice texture, absorb and moisten the skin well.
  • Eye cream: My dark circles didn’t disappear. But again, you know, being a new mum and dark circles are two things that just coexist. However, the cream felt nice when applied and it goes perfectly as a makeup base.


  • The night cream leaves a bit of a greasy sensation that personally, I don’t like.
  • If you have a very dry skin (like I do) you need to apply cream very liberally to cover a small area, so it will get used up quickly which is not very economical.
  • Do not expect some kind of magical performance, the creams are nice but that is about it.

Conclusion: nice reliable skin care products, definitely one of the best in its price range. I would recommend it to those ladies who have dry skin, are concerned about wrinkles and looking for an affordable option to help look after their skin.

[Disclaimer] I was not paid for or asked to do this review. It is borne purely from my own motives and because I really think these creams have a good value for money!

Have a Fabulous Friday, darlings!!!

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  1. Englishvers October 21, 2011

    I tried the products above for three months. Quite greasy for my skin and I must confess that I had to try hard to see any positive changes, but no negative changes either;-)

  2. KizzyDoll October 21, 2011

    I like nivea stuff, I sometimes use the body creams in the winter as they are heavier to keep my skin from drying out!! Great stuff!! Have a fab weekend xx

  3. Megan October 21, 2011

    I love the body lotions and lip balm but I’ve never tried any of their face stuff. Sadly I’ve been having bad experiences using my skin as a guinea pig so I’m just going to stick to my long standing products that I know work!

  4. Bree October 22, 2011

    It’s always, always important to invest on our skincare, but sometimes it can really hurt our wallets. Nivea has always worked for me so I’m sure these products are good too!

    P.S. Thanks for the comment on my post. You have a wonderful blog. We should follow each other!

    XoXo, Bree

  5. Marusya V October 22, 2011

    @Englishvers I agree, for normal or oily skin Nivea Q10 would be too greasy. However, they are perfect for dry skin :)
    @KizzyDoll & @Megan – I love their lip balms and body lotions. As for the skincare, it was my first experience.

  6. Veronica Popoiacu October 23, 2011

    Really great post ! I love Nivea for daily use !


  7. natalie October 24, 2011

    what a great post! I love nivea’s body creams :) your blog is so great, so now i’m following <3


  8. Vanessa Castillo December 23, 2011

    very good article that reminds me grabbing some good products

  9. judy masega May 17, 2016

    the information about nivea is amazing I could like to get the cream direct me