Product review: Aesop Anti-Oxidant Skin Care

Aesop, skincare, parsley seed range

As my supplies of skincare have been almost used up, I recently went out hunting for a replacement and to see what’s new on skincare market. I have heard a lot of positive words about Aesop products and was quite keen to try them. Consultants at the Aesop counter explained me that all their products based on strong anti-oxidants and therefore, help your skin to fight daily stresses and prevent pre-mature ageing. I checked myself the ingredients of a variety of products and yes, everything is based on proven anti-oxidants – green tea, sage, ylang ylang, parsley, vitamin C, E, panthenol, etc.

All products has fabulous smell and convenient packaging. You can pick smaller or bigger tube of your favourite product, for example, you can get 60ml or 120ml tube of day cream. This is a great advantage for all fans of more economical bigger packs.

aesop, skincare, anti-oxidant

Aesop samples, product review, beauty blog

As I have been supplied with a selection of samples specifically chosen to suit my dry skin, I got to try different types of products and now provide you with a review:

1. Fabulous Face Oil

This oil was great for my dry skin. It is easily absorbed and has a fabulous smell of ylang-ylang. Also it is quite economical – you need only a tiny drop to cover your face and neck. It promised to hydrate my skin and it did. Though, it did not give me that plumped refreshed skin look in a morning I used to get from my previous nigh cream. If you are a fan of facial oils, I would recommend this Aesop product because this is one of the best facial oils I have tried so far.

2. Aesop Sage & Zinc facial Hydrating Cream SPF 15

Again, this cream had a fabulous smell and nice texture, but talking about its absorbing into my skin it reminded me a sunscreen or Vaseline. And another thing, you can feel its presence on your skin. On the other hand, it did protect my skin from the sun perfectly and reduced the appearance of freckles the Australian sun causes to my European skin.

3. Parsley Seed anti-oxidant serum

Absorbed by skin almost completely, it leaves some kind of stickiness. I was told to use it instead of my day / night cream and for me it did not work at all. Seriously, after application of this serum over nigh, I would wake up with my skin being very dry and looking tired. When I tried to combine serum with cream (No 6), the result was much better.

4. Parsley Seed anti-oxidant eye cream

Same as the Sage cream, this eye cream takes time to absorb. Nice smell, nice texture, but my dark circles made a comeback straight away. So this is a no-no for me.

5. Parsley Seed facial cleanser

Beautiful product, loved it, very gently yet effective in cleansing. Leaves your skin happy, hydrated and refreshed. So far out of all everything I have tried, this one is my favourite Aesop product.

6. Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream

Well absorbed, great texture feels nice on skin. It gives you a feeling your skin have been moisturised without any sticky after-effects. I’d rather prefer this cream to serum (No 3). Contains great anti-oxidants such as vitamins E and C.

Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of Aesop products. They smell absolutely fantastic and are produced locally, in Australia mostly from natural ingredients. However, for the price of Aesop range, personally I would expect better results and at least minimal visible improvement of my skin appearance. My choice would be limited to N0 1 and 5 only and as for the creams, it was not my thing at all.

I guess, lovelies, you would have to try Aesop yourself to see whether it suits you or not. You can find all the details about full range of their products here. Also you can easily get samples at the Aesop counters in major department stores like Myer or David Jones.  Aesop consultants are quite friendly and will be happy to help you out.

Stay happy and beautiful!

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  1. Jade April 7, 2011

    I have heard good things about that cleanser, I think I recall the Makeup Mole giving it a mention on her blog :) Might have to have a lookie for this one when my current ones finish up :)

  2. Tania April 7, 2011

    I love Aesop. Particularly the cleanser, parsley seed hydrating masque, and fabulous face oil – but I agree with you, what I expect from the product is not always what I get.

  3. Lilit April 7, 2011

    Hi Marusya, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Loving your blog, great layout and the splashes of red throughout are great!

    On other notes, I’m quite a fan of Aesop products, I used to use one of their face creams that had a mandarin smell (forgot the name), absolutely fabulous.


  4. I’ve always glanced at Aesop while out shopping but never really went to try their items. The packaging doesn’t attract me in the slightest and I am a very very visual gal!

  5. Andrea April 7, 2011

    I should prove that cause i don’t like my skin :S

  6. vanesa Díaz April 8, 2011

    I will try… thanks for share…


  7. makeup mama April 8, 2011

    Thanks for the comment gorgeous! You have such an exotic name. Yes, I think Illamasqua is pricey here in North America too, but I’m willing to pay to get those crazy colours!! Anyway, I’m following you now and can’t wait to see some of your posts :)

  8. Haute Style April 8, 2011

    Very interesting review. In all honesty I don’t think I’ll try this range. If it didn’t work on you, it won’t work on me (I’m certain we have similar skin types). I really value your honesty when it comes to reviewing products. Please keep them coming!

  9. Marusya V April 9, 2011

    Thank you all for commenting!
    @Jade – yes the cleanser i really likde
    @Tania – I remember you love Aesop but see as practice have revealed – thats not my thing. i guess just another evidence it is always worth of trying before buying ;)
    @Lilit – thats the thing with all skincare you gotta try it and see if that suits! It went well for you but my skin didn’t like it ;(
    @Haute Style – I was trying to be as diplomatic as possible in this review but would not be able to say anything but the truth. To write honestly and openly is my goal.

  10. Alyssa Amateur April 27, 2011

    We can only change the world by changing men.