Review: Maybelline Gel Eyeliner “Lasting Drama”

Maybelline Lasting drama gel eyeliner review, dramatic makeup, beauty fashion blog Sydney, stylish evening makeup, crashingred, marusya v fashion blogger

The winged liner look has been one of my favourites for a long time. It can be an easy evening makeup option given you have the skill of using an eyeliner. Yet creating a flawless line requires a lot of effort and a steady hand. Not everybody has that. So behold winged eye look lovers! Here is the new magical product for you: Maybelline gel eyeliner “Lasting Drama”.

I have tried this eyeliner recently and was genuinely surprised by how easy it is to draw a perfect line with it.  Seriously I used a few different eyeliners in my life but none of them matches qualities of Maybelline’s. With this eyeliner even a beginner will be able to execute winged eye without much effort. No steady hand required either! Whether you go for a classic Marilyn Monroe style, heavy rock star look or a retro pinup liner look – you will be able to create it in minutes.

Maybelline Lasting drama gel eyeliner review, dramatic makeup, beauty fashion blog Sydney, the best eyeliner, crashingred, product review, easy to apply

The promise:

“Intense color, waterproof, smudgeproof. Easy to apply. Safe for sensitive eyes”

The verdict:

  • Yes, the color is intense.
  • Yes, it is waterproof but not 100% smudgeproof. Yet it is much more smudgeproof than other eyeliners.
  • And yes, it is super easy to apply: dip tip of brush into gel and then glide brush in small strokes across lash line.

Because of its heavy gel formula and hard brush, you can draw a flawless line of any width and as close to your lashes as possible. Images below demonstrate how perfect the line can be yet without much effort. This eyeliner does not leak like others, so if your hand is not that steady just draw the line in small strokes and you will be fine.

Maybelline Lasting drama gel eyeliner review, dramatic makeup, beauty fashion blog Sydney, the best eyeliner, crashingred, product review, new season makeup

Maybelline, gel eyeliner, lasting drama, product review, new season makeup, beauty fashion blog Sydney, crashingred

Maybelline Lasting drama gel eyeliner product review, winged eye, dramatic, stylish evening makeup, crashingred, Australia beauty fashion blog

Maybelline Lasting drama gel eyeliner product review, dramatic makeup, beauty fashion blog Sydney, style evening makeup

The only annoying thing about this product: it comes in two pieces – a brush and a bottle with the gel.  Not very convenient storage wise. Also, you need to wipe the brush clean after each use.

However these cons are outweighed to a large degree by the benefits of the product, namely: ease of application and smudgeproof-iness.

To all fans of a winged eye look I would definitely recommend this magic Maybelline eyeliner. Creating a glamorous winged eye makeup  has never been easier!

[Disclaimer] I was not paid for or asked to do this review. It is borne purely from my own motives and because I really think this Maybelline’s eyeliner does magic for your eyes!

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  1. KizzyDoll September 4, 2011

    I love a bit of eyeliner like that with the rest of the make-up simple, looks so nice! You look gorgeous!! xox

  2. Lindsay September 4, 2011

    Thanks for reviewing this! I need to try it. I’m so horrible at regular eyeliner and end up smudging it because it’s not dry yet.

  3. Margarida September 4, 2011

    Hello!!! Thank you for the tip! I am going to try this one because I love to see the eyeliner, but I never get it right, and this one seems easy to apply!
    You look beautiful with that make up! Kisses :)

  4. Sabrina September 4, 2011

    I’ve never tried gel eyeliner, but it’s guides like this that make me think I should switch to it. I need to practice my technique- I only get that nice winged look you have going about 30% of the time!

  5. Amalia September 4, 2011

    ohh this is probably my favourite inexpensive liner for sure! I love your hair too it looks so nice!

  6. Megan September 4, 2011

    Love this product, I’m still practicing my winged liner technique though!

  7. Fashion Imperative September 5, 2011

    This is great! I love thta simpla but still fabulous look!
    Great post! :)



  8. caramellitsa September 5, 2011

    this is very interesting cause my lil sis want us to get this eye liner too!! it looks really good i love your make up in the photos!!

    kisses dear


  9. Natsumi September 5, 2011

    BAH! I’ve been terrible and haven’t kept up with your blog and now I miss this amazing transformation that is your hair! I’m loving the new do! It looks FABULOUS on you – can we scream YUMMY MUMMY ALERT?! Loving the eyeliner and hat combo too, jealous you can pull it off so very well!

  10. Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful September 6, 2011

    I adore winged liner. It’s all I do! Your new hairdo looks amazeballs too. *_*

  11. Marusya V September 6, 2011

    Oh thank you all for the compliments and I really hope you found this post useful!
    Seriously this eyeliner simplifies the task of drawing lines and even enjoyable :)

  12. Maryam September 10, 2011

    I love this liner, I have it in aubergine or eggplant (don’t remember the name–the purple one) and I think it’s absolutely fantastic!!!

  13. Adrienne Nicholls May 4, 2013

    your makeup is so perfect here, you look so beautiful!