Nails in Style: Summer time in Bloom

I guess my obsession with nail polishes originates from a deep love for bright colors. I can spend hours looking for the right color. What is the right colour? That’s a difficult question. The answer largely depends on my mood and the weather. I loved wearing my bright blue nail polish during winter in Russia when everything was covered with dazzling white snow. Pity, I had to leave behind 95% of my nail polish collection.

Conversely, this might be to my advantage as now I have to create brand new collection of Marusya’s favorites. Today my friends, I proudly present to you 2 new members of the family – the Bloom sisters, Bijou (coral) and Kate (light blue). They are fun, fresh, flawless and lasting. I can assure you from experience, compliments are guaranteed.

It’s a holiday time and I am looking forward to enjoying every sunny day of this summer by colouring everyday bright. The two Blooms will be a great help to me in this as they express my summer euphoria perfectly.

P.S. Special thank you to my dear handsome and brave J.P. and Adam who spent at least 2 hours each in Myer while I was choosing the right colour!

I bought myBlooms from Myer with a deal “get one receive 50% of the second”.

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  1. Melinda April 13, 2011

    Oh very pretty!
    Bloom nail polishes are gorgeous.