The Choice of the Day

Half of Saturday afternoon has been spent online in hunt for a perfect eye shadows. In my head I had an image of this wonderful subtle greyish shade to go perfectly with dark lips  (my fav for lips!). I researched all across strawberrynet and other makeup website and came up with a choice between Givenchy and YSL palettes. They appear as the closest to my dream colour.

As usual, to complicate my choice even more, I have also picked up some super-cheap YSL nude palette on sales. Well, $27.50 for YSL – who would resist? Anyways, I am going for a run as my eyes hurt from staring at this goodness for hours…  Hopefully, fresh air and shaking my head will facilitate my decision making process :) so I will be able demonstrate to you, my dear friends, the result of my choice – a Givenchy inspired makeup with all “how to” details.

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  1. Aurelia April 13, 2011

    I like the YSL makeup and these eye shadows look gorgeous!