Bloggers power: it is time to unite


Why super blogs?

Recently I came across an article on the IFB site about the super blog NowManifest – an aggregate site that combines the posts, comments and tweets of Rumi Neely, BryanBoyIndustrie Magazine and Elin Kling; later Anna Dello Russo, Mr Blasberg and Diesel joined in. According to the article, the benefits of aggregating content are obvious. First of all, it increases traffic and audiences. When visiting one blogger’s page you’re invited to visit other blogger’s pages (IFB: The Rise of the SuperBlog by Ashe).

Of course, increased traffic means increased potential for revenue. Regardless of what you hear, size does matter when selling advertising space. Unless your site receives over 100K page views per month, don’t even think about making a living out of your blog. Now imagine super bloggers – by syndicating their content they increase traffic to a number one can only dream about – estimated 20 million page views a month (as at May 2011). That in turn attracts  a new level of advertising. Banner ads and sponsored links become nothing compared to your site’s entire background as an ad space.

This way, the site itself becomes “a full time advertisement for any brand willing to pay the price“. Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t matter because if you like the blogger you’ll keep coming back to the site and inevitably you’ll see the ad each time.

So first there was Nowmanifest, then Caroline’s Mode and now we have an Australian version of a super blog – FELLT.  FELLT consolidates eight popular Australian fashion bloggers. The above explanation outlines the rationale for creating such an alliance.

By joining forces, they multiply their traffic, audience, engagement and as a result – revenue. They need no longer think about how to score a sponsorship or brand collaboration. They don’t need to fight for survival in the difficult world of blogging but simply concentrate on what they do the best – blogging.

Blogosphere isn’t a candy house

Let’s face it, blogging isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. It is hours and hours of mostly unpaid work. It is hundreds emails asking to advertise, promote and review things for free. It is hater’s comments and cliquey behavior from your blogging “colleagues”. Basically it is just you, an occasionally fragile female behind a laptop striving to survive in this not so pink and bubbly blogosphere. How many good blogs don’t exist anymore? Have you noticed? Why? Because it isn’t that easy and takes a lot, if not all, of your time and other resources including finance.

Call for action: it is time to unite!

As sad as it may sound, blogging may not be a lifelong hobby for many of us. But for those who stay, for those who are here for good and especially for those who treat blogging as their occupation, the only way we can survive, develop and maybe even prosper is by joining forces. Not necessarily by creating aggregated platforms and consolidating our blogs, but simply by acting as a true community. A community where everybody supports each other and treats each other with respect.

If you read a post of your fellow blogger, don’t be silent, leave a nice comment. Let that blogger know you’re there and that you like what they do. It gives such a positive boost! We all know that. Have no time to comment? Hit the Like button, Google + or Tweet. It is so easy and costs you nothing to show your support.

So let’s join forces through a community that is formed by the pillars of mutual respect and vocal support. As Aesop in his great wisdom said so long ago “united we stand, divided we fall



P.s. We founded the Australian Fashion Bloggers Union if you are one of us, you may wish to join the union here.


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  1. Giggle girlie April 17, 2012

    Very nice article..yes,we(bloggers) need to stick together and unite!

  2. Here here Maria! Well said. *fist pump for writing such a great post*

  3. She's Sonic April 17, 2012

    Maria, what a brilliant post. I learnt so much from this – thank you. You’ve really opened my eyes. I completely agree with you. Whether we join forces for a website or not, it’s so important for us bloggers to support each other by commenting, sharing and promoting each other…no matter how small the gesture. You’re doing a fantastic job and I for one appreciate it. Sonia xx

  4. Melinda April 17, 2012

    A great post hun!
    I agree with you on all points and I always take the time to tweet other bloggers posts I enjoy reading


  5. Lisa April 17, 2012

    Great post!

    It’s so true – a little bit of love from fellow bloggers goes a long way to keeping you motivated and knowing you have an audience.


  6. Amanda Lavoipierre April 17, 2012

    Go Maria, love the post, so well written as always and explained beautifully. Whilst I’m obviously not a blogger myself, I understand and see the immense amount of largely unpaid work the community puts in and I am in awe of it. The reality is that stats do matter when it comes to making a living out of your blog and having brands ‘chase’ you so to speak. Unfortunately brands only have limited budgets when it comes to spending on blogs and when trying to prove that it is worth expenditure to senior management, traffic does matter. Very wise insights and I am of the strong belief that your vision for the ‘super blog’ is certainly the way of the future x

  7. Angela April 17, 2012

    Well said Maria. Suc a gret article.

  8. Angela April 17, 2012



  9. Norlin April 17, 2012

    FANTASTICALLY written Maria! I really think we can make it if we all worked together instead of trying to compete with each other. By supporting each other in some small little way, we can actually survive this “blogging race”.

  10. Melissa April 17, 2012

    I have recently noticed a few great blogs stopping or going in to hiatus. I think after two years it either makes or breaks you. Comments and likes and retweets are the fuel you need to keep going and there is no need to be competitive: as a brand marketing manager I know that brands will work with a whole group of bloggers on each particular campaign. The more strong blogs there are, the more bloggers they will work with and the more they will turn to bloggers as a communication partner. Working together will only help increase the profile and credibility of bloggers and blogging in general.

  11. Ann April 17, 2012

    Hi Maria
    Well said. In fact I wrote about this issue back in Dec 2011 before FELLT was announced ( you can read it here –

    I think consolidation is something we are going to see a lot more of in Australian blogging. It makes sense.

    Thanks for the article again.


  12. Ann April 17, 2012

    Ooops…sorry got ahead of myself meant Mar not Dec (time flies when you’re blogging) :-)

  13. Tine April 17, 2012

    Well said, Maria! We are a community. No blogger is an island (or at least, he/she shouldn’t be). We should work together and support one another. It benefits all kinds of bloggers, whether they are new or have been on the blogging scene for years.

  14. Kitty @ kittyandbuck April 17, 2012

    A lovely sentiment, I think we need to apply it to life in general! Why waste time being nasty for no reason, everyone should support and encourage each other, especially when they are working towards a common cause.

    Kitty xo

  15. xiaohan - xssat April 17, 2012

    Yay! Well said. We could definitely all do with a little more support from each other.

  16. Alice McGenniss-Destro April 17, 2012

    Amazing truthful words! Instead of just pointing the facts you have provided a better solution for the Australian Blogging Industry & united we’ll stand :)


  17. Nicole April 17, 2012

    Thanks for a great, thought provoking article Maria. Many people doing the “small things that count” (like commenting) can make a huge difference.
    x Nicole

  18. This is a fantastic article. Thank you! Rachel x

  19. The Dainty Doll's House April 17, 2012

    Fab is so true…a lot of bloggers work against each other trying to get companies to sponsor them and give free stuff, but I think it’s more beneficial to work together and go up against the companies. We’re all trying to make it and get where we wish to be, having helpful blogging friends makes the world of difference. By liking blog friends various pages or commenting on their posts and giving that back in return, we are all helping one another achieve our goals!! This is great :) xx

  20. loulou April 17, 2012


    well said – there is so much strength to be gained in a community of bloggers.
    However so many people are afraid and jealous of anothers tiny bit of success over theirs.
    I often tweet, RT, Facebook etc – it takes so little effort for such help for another and just simply “pays it forward” and that is a motto I really try to live by.
    There are days when I just don’t or can’t log in to blogging or twitter – but I pick it back up on the merry-go-round.

    have a lovely day

    x Loulou

  21. edenland April 17, 2012

    Maria, what a fantastic post. It’s fascinating, to see where blogging is headed in Australia. Love what you wrote.


  22. lilpil @ Things I Love April 18, 2012

    I echo all the other comments above me – what a great article and so many points that hits the proverbial mark.

    Lets support each other ladies!

  23. The Girl April 18, 2012

    As someone who’s new to the scene, couldn’t agree more with what’s been said. I honestly don’t understand the cliquey behaviour when most of us have started for the same reason, love of fashion and/or photography. Makes sense for all of us to support and unite each other right? Well written Maria. x

  24. Jaspe April 18, 2012

    I absolutely adored this post, you said it all !
    Bloggers already hold a lot of power in their hands, when they unite it’s obvious that very big things can happen ! That’s why I’m thankful for platforms such as IFB, bloggers have a place where they can talk and help each other out… so nice! Plus you meet amazing people and learn a lot of new things, so many advantages !

    Thank you for your lovely post on my blog, I’m definately following you :)

  25. Johanna April 18, 2012

    Amazing post, I really believe in uniting and commenting as well. I don’t really believe I will get paid for writing anytime soon – if ever – but I truly admire the few who can make a living out of blogging. This is such an inspiring post I’ll share it in Facebook and Twitter. I believe you won’t mind? Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Have a lovely day! xoxo <3

  26. Kathy_Writer (@Kathy_Writer) April 18, 2012

    Well said, Maria. I’m here in L.A., and I feel that the blogging community is very fractured. Many of us belong to IFB (based in NYC); they’re a great resource and online community, but I would rather have the support made more visible and actionable on our own blogs. I’m launching my new blog (hopefully soon), and would hope to somehow get the same kind of support I get on, say, Instagram, where the commenting & likes are quite active. Perhaps it’s the type of platform which breeds a positive nature and willingness to “like” what you put out there. At any rate, the support I get there daily really encourages me to keep doing what I love, which is telling my story and sharing what I love via a blog.

  27. Antonia-Ivana April 20, 2012

    Totally enjoyed reading your text! I totally agree with you.. Bloggers should unite and support each other. In the last time I recognized a kind of trend: More and more bloggers tend to be interested in a partnership with other bloggers etc. so that we bloggers are on the right way, I guess.

  28. Serena July 1, 2012

    Wonderful wonderful post Maria! I think the crux of it all is every blogger realising they have something unique and valuable to share and believing in themselves. That way when they see other bloggers doing great posts or encountering exciting opportunities they are there to cheer them on. Working together is always much more rewarding than going it alone xx