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The earthquake in Japan turned the world upside down. It was one of the 7-th strongest in the XX century history and 160 times stronger than the recent quake in Christchurch. Even those who was far away from epicenter of tragedy could feel the pain of devastation… It was heartbreaking to watch the news. In times like this everything else becomes so insignificant and pointless. Yes, I was safe but it did not make me feel any better.

I stopped functioning in a normal mode. Could not force myself to make another post on my fashion blog. It felt like how we can enjoy our lives and do what we are normally doing while people on another side of the world in such pain… I felt their pain, I also felt for my friends in Japan. I know now that my friends are fine. But still… So many people are not, so many people lost their lives…

Eventually I realised that silence is no help to people of Japan. We need to stand out, we need to talk about it, we need to help! We need to do everything we can to provide support to victims of the disastrous tsunami and quake. I guess as a writer and a person who is capable to talk to people around the globe – it is my duty to appeal to people’s hearts! If I can do something to help – then we all can! At least to show our compassion, our grief and our support via any media and in any way possible.

My contribution to the relief efforts is this blog post and also a personal funds donation to Red Cross. I found a reliable list of charities accepting donations and help for the victims of Japan quake-tsunami disaster. So if you feel like doing the same, you can find this list here – Donate for Japan: Important Links and Information

Little things can make a big difference. Together we can help Japan to overcome this tragedy!

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  1. jessica March 15, 2011

    I think the same thing …

  2. mirela March 15, 2011