DIY hand painted neon necklace – how to


A statement necklace can make any outfit something special. Especially if we’re talking about a beautiful hand painted DIY neon necklace that you created yourself. I have always loved making my own fashion accessories. You may remember this tutorial on how to make a woven neon necklace from a while ago. Unfortunately, due to my new motherly duties I’ve had little time to for DIY projects. For example, a source of inspiration for this neon necklace was a painted brooch I saw in Vogue October! Yes, that’s how long it takes me to realize my ideas now. Guess who’s taking all my spare time?

But from now I’m going to dedicate more time to DIY fashion as creating my own things is something I really enjoy doing.

Now – our hand painted neon necklace, it’s pretty easy to recreate. However, there are a couple of tricks you should know about hand painting jewellery. So here is a tutorial so you can create a flawless necklace like this yourself.


how to make a neon necklace

1) Paint a base of white nail polish on each segment that will be coloured. Once dry (min 5 mins), repeat with a second coat.

2) Allow the second coat of white a further 10 mins to dry.

3) Decide which color each section will be. Its best to have symmetrical sections. Once you’ve settled on a pattern, start painting with one color at a time. I.e. paint all the blue first, then all yellow, etc.

4) Allow at least an hour for this coat to dry. You’ll get even better results if you leave it overnight.


hand painted DIY neon necklace

What I like about this DIY project is that you can customize your own jewellery to suit specific outfits in your wardrobes or just your mood at the time.

Tip: this necklace (or a bracelet) would also look great in pastel shades of these nail polishes.




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  1. Dark Blue Stripes July 6, 2012

    Great DIY Maria. I might just have to try this. :-)

    Christie x

  2. Dasha Gold July 6, 2012

    Amazing job sweetie, you have such a great patience to do this and the result is fantastic!


  3. That is marvelous doll, just love that!! I thought it was jewels until I seen you had painted them, brilliant! Saves even more money ; ) I seen your new fb page & ‘liked’ it and added yours to my favourites on my page too. I always enjoy your DIY’s!! You did brilliantly!! Hope you have a super weekend xx

  4. Angela July 6, 2012


  5. Fashion Readings July 6, 2012

    What a great DIY! This necklace is so lovely! :)

    Fashion Readings

  6. Kat Farmer July 7, 2012

    Love love love it! You are one super clever lady. Xxxx

  7. This is probably my favourite DIY yet from you! Darling, you just keep getting better and better. Totally inspired! Going to buy my rhinestones tomorrow :) x

  8. the fashionset July 8, 2012

    Wow! Beautiful!

  9. Erlia July 8, 2012

    Woaahh! So creative and it’s really inspired me. Love your creation!

  10. Lisa July 8, 2012

    wow, I love it!

  11. Luisa Tormenta July 8, 2012

    Loved this! Great great idea!!

  12. Kirryn July 8, 2012

    What a simple yet amazing idea! I’ve used nail polish to paint a necklace before but never like this. Definitely something I want to try! x

  13. heather July 9, 2012

    OOO I love this! It makes me want to run out to a cheap jewelry store and by a necklace to DIY. Def. going to have to give this a try!

  14. Lila Baumgarten July 13, 2012

    i like the colours, great idea! thanks for sharing!

    greets Lila

  15. Melinda July 16, 2012

    This is pure genius Maria. You are so clever and creative!! x

  16. Hannah July 19, 2012

    This is beautiful! Would you mind sharing where you are getting these great rhinestone pieces in Australia? I can’t seem to find any at a price point that justifies me potentially destroying the item with nail polish, haha.

  17. Maria V July 19, 2012

    @Hannah I bought that necklace in Lovisa for $9 and I also saw a few nice (and very cheap) necklaces in Colette.

    Hope this helps. Have fun making your necklace ;)

  18. Sarah August 11, 2012

    This looks awesome! I like projects like this where you get great results with straightforward tools and bits n pieces. I’m now motivated to sort through my (stuffed full!) box of old Diva and Lovisa cheapies :)