Multitasking Mimco

To complete my quite structured and dark outfit for the opera evening I needed something feminine to balance the look. Something standout-ish and chunky while within the same drama style as the whole outfit.

My choice was to incorporate somehow the Mimco headband, but it did not stand out as much as wanted when worn as a headband. So I got creative – first, tried as a necklace, then as a broche and finally, as a bracelet. The bracelet thing did work! To make its appearance stronger, I wrapped another velour headband and also Mark&Spencer beads necklace. Mimco headband went on top of this. No cutting, no sawing, – just wrapped all accurately so no ends can be seen. Very simple. All together it looked like a mix of Coco Chanel with XVIII century.

Quite amazing, do you think?

Mimco headband – a present from my dear J.P.

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  1. Tania February 10, 2011

    Looks fabulous, And I agree – I have only just recently purchased two mimco jewelry items myself (on sale of course), and although I was skeptical at first (not my usual bling), they are now some of my favourites and always add class and a feminine touch to an outfit.

  2. Marusya V February 13, 2011

    I wish Mimco would do more sales :) or may be some special secret sales… to fill my jewellery box with Mimco goodness

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  4. Nicole September 11, 2013

    That bracelet looks fabulous, my dear!