Fab Friday – 7 Fantastic Picnic Ideas

picnic ideas

With the days getting longer and warmer here in Sydney, I’m progressively falling in love with an idea of having a picnic instead of a traditional dinner or lunch. You may noticed that from my Instagram feed :) Who knew there are so many great things about picnics! Always short in time, we kill two birds with one stone (or as we say in Russia “2 rabbits with one shot”) with a picnic. Anastasia gets to play, Joseph gets to surf (sometimes) and I get to take pretty photos (sometimes, if I’m quick enough). Ok, yes, that’s actually three birds. Plus living 5 minutes away from the beach, it would a shame not to capitalise on our location!

So I’ve been researching more picnic ideas and today, I’d like to share with you some of the best. From picnic food ideas to picnic baskets and styling! Hope they’ll get you inspired in the outdoors too!

picnic ideas

{Perfect picnic idea for the beach. Just pick up all pastries from a local bakery}

easy picnic food ideas

{Quick to make, healthy yet delicious antipasto skewers}

picnic ideas 1 copy

{Light lunch picnic in the park}

picnic ideas 7

{Berries, individual bottles of juice and mini pastries – delicious yet easy picnic food idea}

easy picnic food ideas 4 copy

{Deserts in tiny jars… alternatively, all food can be packed in jars like that. Mess free picnic idea}

easy picnic food ideas 1 copy

{Avocado on toast and gourmet olives. Make your own sandwiches on the spot}

easy picnic food ideas 6

{Nutritious French style picnic with nice bread and baguettes}

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So… picnics, do you guys go often on picnics? Which idea do you like the most? And finally, can you recommend a good picnic basket/set? I need an upgrade!

Maria xx

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