Here you will find answers to the most common questions about me and this blog

If you have a unique question or simply want to express your friendliness, email on mvlezko[at]crashingred[dot]com or use the contact form. I’ll be more than happy to satisfy your curiosity!

Q1. Who designed your blog?

I used a WordPress template as a base and then customised it according to my vision of CrashingRed. So, primarily myself as I have enough experience in web design. Also Mr Joseph Pole worked with me on the initial design.

Q2. Who takes your photographs? Which camera do you use?

My bubba! Haha No, I wish… Myself and Joseph also often acts as a photographer when he is not too busy Art Directing at Channel 9. We use a Canon 600D.

Q3. How did you get so many followers?

I guess genuine interest in other people and what they do helped. Plus, I shared all my tips in this post, have a read if you would like to know more.

Q4. Maria, where do you come from? Do you have an accent?

The reality is that I come from good old Europe and yes, I have an accent.

Q5. Why do you write this blog?

Because I don’t like sleeping…

Q6. Where do you get your clothes and makeup?

I buy them from different stores and also make my own clothes. In my posts I disclose all brands and sources.

Q7. Who does your makeup, nails and hair?

Myself. Sometimes I even post tutorials – right here!

Q8. I have a question about my style. How to style my new orange blouse, sailor hat, green bag? What to wear to look slimmer? What to wear to a dinner date?

I’m more than happy to answer any questions about personal style. Please contact me here (or Tweet me, if you wish) and I’ll endeavor to help you out.

Q9. Are you PR friendly?

Absolutely! Please note that CrashingRed.com is a fashion blog and thus, I only deal with press releases related to my blog.

Q10. Can you to write about our product/service/online store? Are you interested in trying our new product/service?

Only if it is relevant to this site which is a fashion blog. Also I’d strongly recommend to read the below answers before emailing me.

Q11. Do you accept sponsored content?

Only if it is relevant to this site. Any sponsored content is always disclosed accordingly. For more information on my disclosure policy please refer to Copyright & Disclosure. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please email me directly on mvlezko[at]crashingred[dot]com or use this contact form.

Q12. Is it possible to become a guest blogger for CrashingRed?

Yes, there is such opportunity if you write your own blog and have something interesting to share with my readers. Have a look through CrashingRed and decide which category suits you best. Then send me a quick email here pitching your idea. I would be delighted to hear from you!

Q13. Can you write on your blog about our company, product, website or online store? We cannot pay you but can you do it for free?

No, I don’t work for free. I have bills to pay and as it is mentioned here, Donald Trump hasn’t adopted me yet.

If you want to know more about me, read this section About Author.

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