About love and other demons

Love is double-faced. It can make you the happiest person in the world and then it can destroy you completely just in a few seconds. It will tear your heart apart, burn everything inside you and crash your entire existence. At the same time, love can give you all the treasures and joy you could only dream about. It will make you fly and colour the world around you with vivid paints. Then, when you are completely out there, floating in all-consuming bliss unable to believe in such good fortune – be careful. Love paralyses you. It numbs your sense of reality, grinds you and then spits you out.

Valentine’s day spent in tears is not what doctor would prescribe. No one would want it to turn that way regardless of whether they care or not about this totally commercialised day in the calendar. The situation appears even more absurd if, in fact you are in loving and caring relationship. It is impossible to predict what kind of joke love will play on you and when. You just go with it, if you have a faith in feelings you share. Then after all the pain and misery you have been through, there will be something which would bring you back to life again.  “I would rather spend a bad Valentine’s Day with you, than a great one with anyone else”. To me these words mean a lot more than a clichéd a dinner in a restaurant and a rose on the 14th of February.

Yes, love can make your life complex, but without it life is unbearable.

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  1. theonlyfashionprincess February 16, 2011

    your blog is nice! x

  2. Chyrel February 16, 2011

    the title is from gabriel garcia marquez book! love that writer and great post about love. :)