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I’m writing a book! To be precise, two e-books. I started this fashion blog with the intention to bring a little bit more beauty to this world. But only later, it became apparent that I’d like to create something tangible that you lovelies could actually take and use for yourself. My plans were a bit delayed with the launch of SoNailicious  which is doing great by the way! But now I feel the time is right to finally reveal the exciting news!

First, there will be a book about my life in a GULAG as a KGB spy and how I escaped the Siberian permafrost…  joking! I know you want to know that but…

…I’m going to write on how to improve and develop personal style. The book will be based on the “Polish Your Style” series and contain practical tips that aim to create a better style with moderate and targeted spending. This book is for real women who want to look chic and who are smart with their money.

Second, there will be a book… about nail art! Due to an overwhelming amount of inquiries about how I do this or that nail art, I thought such a book would be a useful resource for all nail art enthusiasts. I’ll leave it there for now as there will be a separate announcement about that on SoNailicious soon.

So lovelies, here is your chance to get exactly what you want! If you would like me to cover a specific topic on fashion or have a specific question about styling, let me know. Use the comments section below or email me



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  1. Kirsty January 14, 2013

    Fantastic news Maria!
    Enjoy writing the books. I think they will be fantastic as really enjoying your series.
    x Kirsty

  2. Maria V January 21, 2013

     Thank you Kirsty, so nice to hear! xx Maria

  3. Natsumi January 14, 2013

    This sounds fantastic and I cannot wait to see what you churn out! Congratulations, super excited for you M!

  4. Cheryl Lin January 14, 2013

    Good on you, Maria and how exciting! And which reminds me; I owe you an email!! It’s coming! X

  5. Antonia-Ivana K. January 14, 2013

    Sounds fantastic and exciting!

  6. Sarah January 14, 2013

    This sounds great! I would be keen to hear/read any advice you may have with women who have a small bust as a lot of the mainstream (ie Target Kmart) style clothing is designed for much larger women than me!

  7. Maria V January 21, 2013

     I went recently to Target and was amazed at giant sizes, even for babies!? Ok, noted and I’ll come up with something soon specifically for petite ladies :) xx

  8. Amalia J January 15, 2013

    I always wanted a nail art reference/encyclopedia type book that you can actually turn paper pages on!

  9. Maria V January 21, 2013

     Well, who knows maybe e-book will be first step towards hard copy book?! Nail art encyclopedia sounds delicious… x

  10. DaintyDoll January 15, 2013

    That’s just marvellous doll, so happy & pleased for you. No doubt, they will be super and very helpful! Well done you for going for what you want!! I wish you lots of love, success – not in the fame way, but in the helping others way…I know you can do it & I wish you strength for juggling everything!! So, excited :))) <3

  11. Sparkle, elle crafts January 15, 2013

    Fantastic! Happy writing ;)