L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011: trend report. Black & White

Structured Black and white, Arthur Galan, Nina Maya, Autumn 2011, LMFF

The 2011 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival left us, fashion bloggers, a lot of material to work with. Spotting new season fashion trends is, probably, the most exciting mission (apart from social activities). As there were plenty of attention-grabbing styles, I decided to create 3 separate blog posts  dedicated to Black & White; Color & Prints; and Accessories.

The black and white dominated on runways of the Melbourne fashion week. Not surprising as it is classic. However, Australian designers managed to present this traditional style in new light. Arthur Galan and Nina Maya (first image) offered Minimalistic monochrome manifesting structured silhouettes and clean cuts spiced up by inclusion of tight black leather pants or over the knee leather boots.

Maximalist Black and White, Alannah Hill, Mimco, Autumn 2011, LMFF 2011

Alannah Hill and Mimco went opposite – complex maximalist styles incorporating different fabrics, prints, patterns and shapes into highly detailed outfits with layers of accessories. Note the clear plastic trench coat by Mimco!

Futuristic, Black and white, LMFF 2011, Laura Anderson, Trimapee

Graduates Laura Anderson and Trimapee presented outstanding monochrome collections in a style Mad Max meets Lara Croft. Cut ways, perforated fabrics, ripped leather, opaque stockings worn as it is and lovely cropped gloves (I think I am getting those).

Black Trend, Dion Lee, Colette Dinnigan, Manning Cartel, LMFF 2011, Austrlian Designers

There were also plenty of black. But this winter black is seductive, light and luxurious! Sheer tops and lace as seen at Manning Cartell, lace on lace by Collette Dinnigan, silver embroidery on silk by Thurley and drapped sheer chiffon by Dion Lee.

I personally love black and white style. Still would be great to get some colour for this winter too – to brighten up the coming grey cold days! To find out what Australian designers idea of fashionable colours and prints, see my next trend report.

My other posts on 2011 Melbourne Fashion Festival can be found here – Highlights No 1 and No 2. For this post I edited and re-designed photos from Fashionising.

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  1. Ellie Eckert March 31, 2011

    I’m really kind of obsessed with all the black, the sheer black especially!
    Great picks!

  2. Jessica Kelly March 31, 2011

    Sounds wonderful, I’m following you now!

    PS is it possible to want absolute every look in this post?! Bc I do! Great finds!

  3. A lot of looks look a lot like Chanel ! Great post and so happy about your baby hump :)
    I wish i had one right now !

  4. humanityisbeautiful March 31, 2011

    nice post! thanks for visiting…i am following you too :)

  5. vanesa Díaz March 31, 2011

    It seems like Chanel style,



  6. Alicia March 31, 2011

    Beautiful pics, black&white is always a good combo!


  7. Marusya V March 31, 2011

    Thanks everybody for comments:) @ Frenchy and Vanessa – agree, black& white is Chanel’s legacy… same as many other items of any modern woman’s wardrobe – trousers, mini, clean cuts and even stripes! :) What would we all do without Mademoiselle Coco? :)

  8. Andrea April 1, 2011

    Thanks for your comment.
    I love black dresses they’re so elegant!
    Hugs from Spain darling


  9. Syzia April 1, 2011

    wow I love it here! Great blog, thanks for letting me know, definitely gonna follow :)

  10. Isabel Spectre April 1, 2011

    I cant get enough of these!! I love all the black and white.. such a classic.. <3


  11. Caramella April 1, 2011

    Thank you for stoppin by Marusya! These Black&White outfits are beautiful indeed! =)

  12. chyrel April 1, 2011

    black and white is always classic. love the photos and outfits in the last post. :)