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Recently, I came across the post of a Melbournian blogger who postulates the Australian fashion scene is made of tribes. Apparently there is a tribe of “glossies” whose uniform consist of sky high heels, designer handbag, skinny pants or body con mini, fur jacket and balayage hairdo with a center part*. Only by wearing this “uniform” will you be allocated front row seats and become a person highly sought after by the street style photographers. Those glossies are considered to be slavish conformists lacking creativity. Alternatively, there is another tribe to which this blogger believes herself a member.  That tribe is not present at fashion week’s front row because they are busy hunting for treasurers in Salvos, Savers and Vinnies. Moreover, this particular tribe expresses a “mad sense of beauty through their stylish creativity” and also includes Anna Della Russo, Karl Lagerfeld, Brayn Boy and Tavi. (You have the right to conform: Fashion tribalism at RAFW, Lady Melbourne,  20 May 2011)

Reading this post made me sad initially because such simplistic categorization of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week audiences implies that if you carry Prada bag, lust over latest Miu Miu heels and have a flawless blow dry then you are victim of conformism and lack a true sense of style. To me, fashion is about freedom, fun, experimentation and joy not about brands or particular place of shopping. There are amazing bloggers who pull off vintage and DIY so well that I cannot help but envy their sense of style. Yet other lovely bloggers are showcasing the latest Celine bag to their thousands of followers. People love and follow bloggers who they can relate to or can get inspired by or are simply just entertained by. In fact, some bloggers can be considered to be style icons while others are popular due to their bizarre originality. Why divide audiences into “good” and “bad” based on which brand of bags they carry or the height of their heels?

I love my heels! I also love my gold Coach hand bag. Sorry, but I’d rather walk bare foot than buy Payless shoes. I used to sew my own clothes, but my aim was to bring my sketches into fruition, not to intentionally make something look DIY. Does it mean I am lacking a sense of style? Is it conformist to prefer looks of Emmanuelle Alt in stilettos rather than Susie Bubble wearing clashing prints?

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There is no right or wrong when talking about style. Same applies to fashion. The brilliance of fashion blogging is it gives voice to diverse expressions of personal styles. There is no place for 2 dimensional categorisations. Perhaps a sense of beauty is also the ability to see the beauty and enjoy all of its manifestations… even if it is conveyed via 12-cm heels.


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  1. caramellitsa May 29, 2011

    i couldnt agree more with you!!!
    you are soo right :)
    personal style and taste makes us different
    we should show & support that!!

    kisses <3

  2. Mademoiselle Lala May 30, 2011

    Everyone has their own style and shouldn’t copycat others. Of course we’re all influenced by the current fashion and trends, but I also hate identical copycats who look exactly the same except the colour of their hair and bags. Sometimes people are just too lazy or too scared to be innovative and leave their creativity at home. I admit that there were a couple of occasions when I had a fantastic outfit planned out, but when I’ve put it on and looked in the mirror I just KNEW that I won’t be able to go outside the door, because I’d feel self-conscious. But who hasn’t felt like that?! :)

    Thank you visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment – means a lot to me! :) I also have to say that I adore your blog’s font! (Pretty random, I know!) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!


  3. Missy May 30, 2011

    totally agree with you!
    I love stilettos too:X

    P.S:great blog,I’m following too;)kisses

  4. Sabrina May 30, 2011

    Agreed! It’s hard to say. The one thing I have against name brands is that people think they belong to that “tribe” once they own something designer. But fashion is more than having a designer piece- it’s what you create with those pieces. If you can find a way to add your personal touch to designer items, then it’s not conformity. But if you’re mindlessly eating up whatever the industry deems as “trendy”, that’s a different story.

  5. Wow, what a great post. I’m amazed at the depth and thoughts in your writing. It is so sad that there are certain uniformal “looks” that become the “in crowd” of fashion, and that is why I am not a fan of being a slave to trends. It sounds like an awful life to me – constantly worried about following the latest trends. If I happen to like a trend, I may participate but it doesn’t rule my life… I’d like to think that I have control over style – and not the other way around!


  6. msmadamemakeup May 30, 2011

    I love this post!!! couldnt agree with you more!

  7. Divina Joy Ayungo May 30, 2011

    Great Post! I totally agree with you. I believe that fashion is not just following the trends or using expensive clothing. I believe that fashion is about showcasing your unique style, wearing clothes that suit your personality and being comfortable and confident about it.

    I’m following you now. You can also check out my blog and follow if you want.


  8. Lyddiegal May 30, 2011

    I believe that there is a difference between being interested in fashion, and being interested in labels.
    The description of the ‘Glossies’ lead me to the believe that these girls wouldn’t care what it looked like, as long as it has a tag to infer that they are a person of means.

    I feel like there are some fashion blogers who are working hard at making a name for themselves by being completely non-conformist, and others who garner attention by being at the forefront of every trend with the budget to collect an array of designer labels for their closet.

    But most of us fall somewhere in between, an odd mix of high street and thrift store; designer and DIY – and we are all working to be the best, most uniquely stylish person we can be.

    I know I’d like to be free of classification, I don’t want to be divided up into some sort of tribe – and neither do you. It’s absurd to think it’s even possible.

  9. Natsumi May 30, 2011

    It’s conformist to do what “everyone else is doing” so you’ll be as popular yadda yadda yeah. What annoys me are the fashion bloggers who think dressing up every day is a MUST and if you don’t and if you’re a cult jeans and tshirt person you’re drab and going to be a spinster for life – and then you tell them you’re actually a model and have been for four years so on your off days you never wear make up and you actually prefer walking on the ground over your face teetering dangerously close to it.

    Uh, personal experience slash rant.

    I think bloggers have the wrong idea these days, they think they need to inform the public of what is already slapped in magazines and fashion shows. They’re supposed to take those things and show off to the world their own style and outlook on trends, etc. I don’t want to read a fashion blog which copies looks in last months Vogue.

    There are no rules in fashion, certainly there are “temporary” rules but they are eventually broken.

  10. Marie May 30, 2011

    This is such a great debate. I dont even know where to start. I agree with you that I love my designer possessions and loathe the fact that they could possibly group me into an unwanted tribe. In my mind, there is a difference between buying designer because its great and buying it just to show you have the capability and money. Its all about the selection of the buy to me. You can buy an amazing Prada bag simply because it is undeniably great, and then you can buy a monogram Gucci or LV for the status symbol it portrays. If you really know your shit, you can sniff out the conformists. I could go on and on but I am just one mind. So I will shut my face. : )
    Great post.

  11. Sasha May 30, 2011

    Stunning shoes! I believe you can wear them with anything and be sure you still look amazing!

  12. KaNini May 30, 2011

    Oh yes, I completely agree! Definitely starting to follow, your blog’s great! ;)
    xx, K.

  13. Claire May 31, 2011

    I think it’s important to wear what makes you feel good. I enjoy having my own style and finding inexpensive finds. Though there were times that just getting a new designer handbag would make my heart race (and I won’t lie, if I could just buy a pair of Louboutins!). But I’d rather not conform. It’s more fun to be inspired by other bloggers but then come up with my own outfits!


  14. Ashley May 31, 2011

    Hmm. Food (or fashion?) for thought. I really think it’s difficult for any blogger today to be 100% original. There are just so many bloggers out there that it’s impossible. So yes, I suppose there are certain “tribes” of fashion bloggers…these so-called “Glossies,” the DIY/vintage/thrifty people (who yes, may have some unique ideas, but they all end up looking very similar to one another), and so on. And like Lyddiegal said, there are a lot of in between-ers. I don’t think there is a “bad” crowd and a “good” crowd…just the crowd you are most drawn to. For me, I’m drawn to the in between crowd. High end blogs are fun, but I can’t relate to them since I can’t afford a closet full of designer goods right now. And DIY thrifty blogs aren’t my thing, either, since I’m horrible at DIY. :) I’m not so much a slave to fashion but, like most others, a slave to wearing what I like. I also read the blogs I like, and if someone wants to label me as conformist or non-conformist or what have you, then let them. I’m still happy in the long run!

    P.S. I also wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog, too! So, thanks! ;)

  15. DanniiBeauty May 31, 2011

    Excellent post! I don’t follow trends as such, I like to buy what is comfortable and looks good for me. It definitely is a very competitive world, if your not following the trends ‘your not in the ‘in’ crowd’, but that doesn’t bother me. I just want to know that what I am wearing is right for me and can be worn with many different outfits.

  16. Marina H May 31, 2011

    You GO GIRL!!!! couldn’t agreed with you more and yes this is the best thing I enjoy about bloggin and following other fashion bloggers is our own unique and of our own sense of style. I’m the DIY sort of girl and love finding excellent inexpensive items something that the everyday working girl like me can absolutely afford!
    This is the greatest post ever loved it. Keep up the great job doll and as always love love your blog.


  17. amazing shoes, they look really comfortable!

    BTW, I’m in love with your blog and I wonder if we can follow each other..? what do you think ? even if no, I will be your follower <3


  18. Ashley June 1, 2011

    I couldn’t agree more!

  19. Cynthia Bagué June 1, 2011

    Lovely sandals!


  20. Marusya V June 1, 2011

    @Lyddiegal @Ashley @NatSumi Thank you lovelies, for sharing your honest thoughts! It’s great to find out what other bloggers think on subject of personal style.

    @Caramellitsa @Rachel @Dannii @Claire Thank you for your support and great comments!

  21. Lidi, Eclectic Flair June 3, 2011

    great post, i couldn’t agree with you more! everyone should wear whatever makes them happy!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

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  24. WendyB June 10, 2011

    People should just wear what they want!

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  30. Julian June 12, 2011

    A big AMEN to you and this post! As much as the description of the “glossies” you provided isn’t my cup of tea, I definitely don’t view it as a style that lacks creativity. I share your feelings towards this whole categorization stuff, so I hope that whoever still does that gets to read this.

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  33. Jessie at Fashion Limbo June 15, 2011

    I believe in what you say, I don’t go for categorisations. Personal style comes in so many versions, and one’s personal style can change so much, how can you label someone so quickly. There is more to people, and to fashionistas, than what meets the eye. There are reasons why some choose a certain label, why others go for a cheaper brand. I love fashion for its diversity. I read bloggers that are completely different to each other, and I simply adore that.

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  35. kavery June 17, 2011

    We should have the freedom to wear anything and express ourselves any way we want. I remember reading the post you refer to and thought is sounded rather catty.

  36. Kathy_Writer (@Kathy_Writer) April 3, 2012

    Completely agree with you. Like art, fashion and style is subject to the individual’s perception, and what/whom we identify with.