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As you may know darlings, we have recently set up the Australian Fashion Bloggers Union with an aim to support and strengthen the local fashion blogging community. As a part of this, I thought of creating a weekly (or maybe fortnightly, depends how we go) feature on this blog showcasing, you guessed it – Australian Fashion Bloggers! In this first post we show the best outfits of the first week of spring. I’m currently working on a proper styling/fashion challenge for us all to undertake. So stay tuned for more details and for now have a look what our Aussie fashionistas were up to this week!

1. Nora from Nora Finds Fifties Fair

2. Romi from Romi YaBuy Bread On Sunday

3. Christie from Dark Blue Stripes –  In bloom

4. Norlin from Baubles Bubbles Bags  – Colours for spring summer neon pastels

5. E-von from Sew is LifeWinter to Spring

6. Maria (me!) from here Black Leather Peplum Blazer

Hope you enjoyed this post darlings! Your comments and thoughts are welcome – DO let me know if you liked (or didn’t like) this post!!!



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  1. Mira September 2, 2012

    I like this post. It´s a wonderful idea!!!! They all look stylish. I´m going to check out their blogs :D

  2. bonnie September 3, 2012

    such a fantastic idea, great way to support bloggers as well as show some outfit inspiration! nice!

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