Camilla and Marc in the Emirates

camilla and marc skirt, phillip lim shoes

If there is one word to describe the Unitited Arab Emirates, it is ‘opulence’. It’s the only place in the world where you can stay in a 6 star hotel, have the world’s largest macaroon with your coffee (the coffee comes with gold flakes, of course), visit the world’s tallest building and buy slabs of gold from a vending machine.

However, I believe that real beauty resides in balance. So for an outing to the gold laden Emirates Palace, I went for a clean cut, Camilla & Marc ensemble that is somehow modest and chic at the same time. In light grey, it stood out nicely against the golden backdrop and the silver embellishments negated the need for accessories.

emirates palace abu dhabiIMG_5324outfit for dinner ourIMG_5520summer outfitgold cakethe emirates palaceabu dhabi hotelcamilla and mark topIMG_5525emirates palace abu dhabi 1

Happily, this Camilla & Marc creation is also incredibly comfortable. It’s made of a fabric that you’d expect to see on sports wear. So if I did urgently need to interrupt my gold flaked cappuccino to go for a jog I’d be set.

Outfit details: Camilla & Marc top and skirt, Phillip Lim shoes, She’s Electric clutch (similar here – now on sale).

Maria xx

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  1. Jacqueline August 22, 2013

    Ha! great jump shot at the end, and yes, your outfit does look very comfortable but also classy. I’ve only been to the UAE for a day, so I didn’t get to see much, but these pictures are awesome Maria, I hope you are having a lovely time.

  2. I just could not hold back all the excitement from being in such beautiful place like the Emirates Palace :) You should come back the UAE – it’s incredible, very unusual and very beautiful! x

  3. Lisa August 22, 2013


  4. Thank you Lisa! XX

  5. Amalia J August 22, 2013

    You poor baby it’s so hot!! Lol! Great photos though :)

  6. LOL Yes, it is pretty hot, it gets over +40C! So everything in the Emirates is happening inside with air-conditioning on :) xx

  7. Thank you Natali! It was quite difficult to decide on what to wear because of the strict dressing rules in the Emirates – no open shoulders, no arms exposed, no cleavage, no shorts, no figure hugging outfits…. Even this modest Camilla & Mark outfit was still considered provocative in the UAE simply because you can see my knees! But I got away with it since we were tourists. xx

  8. KizzyDoll August 22, 2013

    You look wonderful, am glad you’ve enjoyed it. I’d love to have it hot right now, haha :) xx

  9. Maria@CrashingRed/SoNailicious September 4, 2013

    Thank you lovely Kizzy! You should visit The Emirates one day. It’s such an interesting place! So different and unique. I want to come back!

  10. Maria@CrashingRed/SoNailicious September 4, 2013

    Thank you Giovanna! xx