Fashion Weekend Sydney – VIP Opening night

fashion weekend sydney

As you may know last Thursday we attended Fashion Weekend Sydney opening VIP night. And, when I say “we” it means we – our entire family. For Anastasia, it was her first fashion show ever and she got to sit front row too. Oh, little sweet baby! She was really enjoying the first part of the show, studying every model outfit, naming colors and types of their outfits: “Blue!”, “Dress!” “Girl!!” “Pretty!” “Like!!”

little cute baby fashionista
VIP sally hansen fashin weeend sydney little fashionista

After the show little miss Anastasia has tried a few pairs of shoes but unfortunately there was nothing in her size… neither there was anything left in my size after the runway show was finished.

So yes, fellow Sydney fashion lovers, if you’re going to attend Fashion Weekend Sydney, make sure you’re there right from the start. Great participating brands and almost all Australian designers at very, very good prices. For instance, Senso shoes starting from $40 or Maurie&Eve at 80% off. So you understand now why it all disappears so quickly!

It’s a great way to spend a Thursday/Friday night with your girlfriends – shopping while sipping champagne. For the obvious reasons, it is not recommended bringing along husbands/boyfriends. They are welcomed however, to pick you up when it’s all over as it is very likely you’ll require assistance with all the bags.

What about you lovelies? Have you ever attended Fashion Weekend Sydney or any other massive group sales events? How did you go?



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  1. Maz Muse May 22, 2013

    Nice Blog. I like that you include your daughter. I have four daughters and often include mine also, they love it and ask to do video tutorials and what not. Such a girly house and good to see other mums enjoying life (fashion) and motherhood together!

  2. bonnie May 24, 2013

    cutest photos of your little girl! looks like it would have been a great night :)

  3. joshua hayden May 27, 2013

    Miss Anastasia is really a cutie pie. It could be seen from the pics that she had some gala time and so did you. I love fashion and have attended a few fashion shows. A few things that I like about fashion shows is the wide variety of dresses and how beautifully the color combinations are used. I completely agree that its the best way to spend your Thursday/Friday evening.