Important Announcement and Survey

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I have been delaying making this post for ages… but finally it’s here! The main reason for this post is that needs to be changed. However, I can’t quietly make this decision myself because this space does not belong to me anymore. This blog belongs to you dear readers, to us, and you have full rights to decide on its future.

If you have been following this blog for a while you know that this blog is a reflection of my many interests – DIY, beauty, nails, fashion, etc etc. However, what I’d like to do is to narrow it down to just one topic.

Since the nail art aspect of this blog has been getting such a positive response (and I enjoy it the way too much), I’ve made it into a dedicated website – So the beauty part of this blog is going to that space.

Now  what is left is to sort out the fashion component of CrashingRed. I’m thinking to turn it either into purely fashion blog (outfits, shopping and new collections reviews) or fashion/personal blog (outfits and general lifestyle posts so you could see more Anastasia) or fashion/DIY blog (outfits & DIY projects).

So to figure out where we’re going with (I’m hoping we’ll go there together) please take a minute to complete this 10 questions survey. I would really appreciate it!

The survey is completely anonymous, your answers will only be used as aggregated information.

Click here to complete the survey. There are two parts, each includes 5 questions. Please make sure you complete both :)

Thank you lovelies in advance for your time!




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