In memory of the Newtown tragedy victims

newtown tragedy

The shocking, horrible news makes me numb. Impossible to understand… It hurts so much.

My heart goes to the families and friends of the little angels. Rest in peace.

In memory of the Newtown tragedy victims…

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  1. DaintyDoll December 18, 2012

    I still can’t get my head around it…why was it so easy for this troubled boy to get these weapons and want to do something so cruel to these little children!?! They knew of his disturbances, I just wonder why no one did something. I was reading some thoughts from the parents who lost their babies and looked at the pictures and my heart just broke even more…I just don’t understand. And how people can just ignore what’s going on makes it even more insane. The world is in a bad way…we care more for material possessions than we do people. I just hope it will bring more awareness and open the eyes of people and most of all bring the changes needed so this never happens again. Mental Health and Gun control needs taking care of right away!! My heart just goes to these parents that will not be seeing their children any more…can’t even type without tearing up…heart breaking!! xx