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I love travelling, well, who doesn’t? New places, new people, new discoveries; traveling inspires and liberates. It becomes clear that you’re not attached to just one city or country, you’re citizen of the world! You can be anywhere you wish, doing anything you want.

As someone who often travels, I see a lot of hotels. No matter how luxurious or sleek you never feel quite home. You know that feeling when you love where you are but you keep missing your own bed? In the pristine environment of white sheets, beige walls and a standard print on the wall, I always feel like a guest… I hope that will change in the future!

For that reason when I was asked to participate in the Marriott Travel Brilliantly campaign, I happily agreed. It’s a chance to write your own future… the future of travel!

{Hydra Island, Greece}
greek islands, hydra island
Hydra Island Harbour, Ύδρα, Greece
Hydra Island, Ύδρα, Greece
Hydra Island, Ύδρα, Greece
holidays hydra island

My idea for the future of travel is for hotels to offer guests a choice of colour schemes and design features. I still remember our room with its bright blue walls on Hydra Island in Greece. And, I wish all hotel rooms had more personality and even better, if we could decide on their style.  Imagine, you book your room and choose the colour of the walls and the accompanying decor. Blue, pink, green, lilac or even red… choose a colour scheme to suit your style or the occasion of the visit. As the great writer/philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis said “Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels” and that country begins at your home base, your hotel room.

What’s your idea for the future of travel? Do you dream about something that could make travel more brilliant? What would you like to improve? Share with us! Plus, by submitting your ideas  here you can win some fantastic travelling prizes including  $1,500 gift vouchers to spend at any Marriott hotel! Get to it and be the author of your own future!

Look forward to hearing your amazing ideas!



Sponsored by Marriott. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Tina October 21, 2013

    Exactly! We create our own experience as we travel so why not define the spaces we stay in as well? I like that idea. Nice pics too!

  2. Thank you Tina! I’m glad you liked the idea! x

  3. KizzyDoll October 21, 2013

    This is fantastic, I’d love to go to Greece. I like the idea of picking all the little details of where I stay as well. Though, when I travel, I barely see my room, but to have it be as relaxing as possible is great. You look gorgeous doll xx

  4. Thank you lovely Kizzy! Indeed, its the little details that make a big difference at the end. By the way, you simply have to visit Greece, it’s close to you!!! And, you should submit some creative idea to the Marriott site (link in the post). If you win then your accommodation in Greece is sorted ;) xox