Melbourne photo diary

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Media pass to LMFF and wonderful Color Riche lipsticks discovered in goodies bags

Dear reader, have you ever missed a flight? Well, I did. Last night I missed the last flight from Melbourne to Sydney. However, instead of finding a hotel to have a boring sleep I decided to do something productive. Namely, to blog about my time in Melbourne while not at L’Oreal Fashion Festival. Of course, this photo diary is not all inclusive but rather a sample of what I did. It also has taught me a lesson that in future I need to allow more time to take photos and for Melbourne traffic especially if trying to get on the flight back home.

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Excited about my Toni Bianco purchase! Tweetittie-tweet!

Photo by Valerie Ogorodnyk

toni bianco cuffs, melbourne shopping

Toni Bianco cuffs that represent popular colours at LMFF – teal, burnt orange, dark blue

horses, melbourne tram

Horses. In case you didn’t know I love them. Since age of 4 I wanted to become a horse doctor. I may, one day…

norlin, cheri, bloggers meet up

Bloggers meet up at Brunetti on Swanston. All I can say we had a really good laugh. Norlin and Cheri

indian girl, cheri miss critique, bloggers meet up, melbourne

Cheri and Maddy with her super cute baby boy

pizza in brunetti, melbourne food

Coffee and food are superior in Brunetti. Highly recommended!

brunetti cafe, the best cakes in melbourne

I had 3 cakes for lunch… healthy.

lexi, tine, melbourne beauty bloggers

Tine and Lexi talking about Aristotel. Jokes! They are lovely Melbourne bloggers who talk about blogging

yellow jumper, black jeans, karen walker sunnies, sydney fashion blogger

As seen on the streets of Melbourne last time. By that time I already knew I had missed the flight. Tweetittie-tweet! Photo by Valerie Ogorodnyk

melbourne airport, 2am, colourful floor mosaic

Finally, dear reader, do you know what Melbourne airport looks like at 2 am? Just like this. Nice, isn’t it?

Hope you’re having a great and relaxing Sunday!

I’m off to sleep (on the plane)…

Sincerely yours, 



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  1. Johanna March 18, 2012

    Ooh, Melbourne looks so amazing! xoxo ?

  2. Norlin March 18, 2012

    LOVED meeting up with you Maria. Hopefully we’ll get to see each other again IRL and chat, laugh, eat and drink! xx

  3. Absolute Amy March 18, 2012

    Great post Maria! I’ve spent nights in airports too after having missed flights… so I understand how you feel. I love your positive attitude and your pics of LMFF. Looks like you had a FAB time!! PS. You are one hot mumma!

  4. Antonia-Ivana March 19, 2012

    I guess Melbourne is quite amazing. You looked very good! Those cuffs are gorgeous.

  5. Tine March 19, 2012

    So good to see you again Maria! Dang those photos are gorgeous :)
    Look us up again whenever you’re in Melbourne, yeah? :)

  6. S from Le Fanciulle March 26, 2012

    Oh gosh I would stress sooo much about missing a flight… You sound super chilled out! Go you!

    xx S

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