New in: flowers and snake

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Summer has descended upon the Southern hemisphere! To celebrate, I decided to add bright prints to my primarily monochrome wardrobe. I bought these on the same day as my new carry-all tote bag and as you may remember from that post, I was going to show you the rest of my Zara haul. Well, here it is – snake print belt and a silk floral print blouse. Again, these two are real multitaskers:  pair with a suit or jeans; pastels or bright colors. They will also make a smooth transition from summer into a winter wear.

Tomorrow I’ll show you photos of an outfit with this blouse. Thanks God, we were able to snap a few over weekend during a rare bit of sunshine. Sydney has been drowning in rain recently…

Hope lovelies, you’re all having a great day regardless the weather!


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  1. Rhiannon December 5, 2011

    Oh you’re an Aussie! I didn’t even realise. Loving the snake print at the moment and can’t wait to see a pic with the blouse.
    P.S. Thanks for letting me know about my bloglovin link not working.

  2. Chyrel Gomez December 5, 2011

    Yep, I enjoyed the novel. And I adore the print of your blouse.

  3. Johanna December 5, 2011

    Great finds :) I had a great weekend :) xoxo

  4. aelie December 5, 2011

    What a gorgeous blouse! I’m a sucker for a bright floral print x

  5. Silvia December 8, 2011

    I am in love with your blouse. Great outfit! <3<3

  6. Mary December 8, 2011

    Beautiful prints! I like both)