New in: Orange and snake

neon orange and snake print sandals

Just a quick post to share what I got myself for birthday. Its getting warm here in Sydney and these sandals in neon orange and snake print simply scream summer! It didn’t take long to decide on this one. The fun combination of textures, fluorescent colour and comfort are all that is needed for a perfect summer shoe. To compliment these sandals a necklace in bright orange and silver has been created. I imagine (…ok, I know that!) it will look so beautiful on slightly tanned summer skin. Hmmm…

Of course, the outfit post featuring these pretties will be here tomorrow!



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  1. Martyne September 3, 2012

    Absolutelu gorgeous sandals!!! X

  2. Olga Choi September 3, 2012

    woohoo, love this color~!!!
    about your question in my blog:

    you should install russian characters in widondows ))

  3. rachel September 3, 2012

    these sandals are fantastic! I feel like my search for the perfect summer sandals is neverending, but I think you nailed it with these! x

  4. Jaeger September 3, 2012



  5. Dustyn September 4, 2012

    Love it! Gorgeous choice, and a very happy birthday to you ;)