The 2013 New Season Must-Have List

new season fashion 2013 must haves

There is something strange about fashion, you can never get enough. Every season there is something new to desire and something new to acquire. This year, I’m actually pretty happy with my current wardrobe so my ‘must have’ list is very minimal. It’s time to add just a few investment pieces, a new bag and a pair  or two of statement shoes. Here are my choices:

1. Sophie Hulme Tote Bag. Sophie has designed a zipped up version. As much as I loved the original version this extra protection from the elements is welcome.

2. Jil Sander Polished-leather ankle boots. Pretty much the most perfect pair of boots ever. Not heels and not quite flats. Thanks to a chunky heel, they won’t give you that awkward stance sometimes results from flats.  fr the models size -2.  Need! Also, in red here – super cool!

3. Diane von Furstenberg Radcliff Lace Up Booties. Everything lace up ranks high right now. If I’m going to get a pair of lace up booties these will be these ones. Since my last DVF purchase I’ve fallen in love with their quality.

4. KENZO Eye-printed iPhone 5 cover. I’m not really keen joining the Kenzo jumper tribe but to have an iPhone cover perfectly matching my Kenzo nails, well, that would be cool!

PS. On a totally unrelated note, you should watch the Steve Jobs movie.



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  1. missmarilynme December 16, 2013

    I agree you can never get enough about! It feels like you have it all, then the next session comes.

    The Diane von Furstenberg Radcliff Lace Up Booties look so good…. Can not wait till after Christmas to have some money to spend on clothes