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Winter is here, so as the midseason sales are. The best time to refresh your wardrobe! To avoid impulsive buying of the whole lot of mismatching but oh-so on trend pieces, I usually put together a list. This must have list (image above) is realistic i.e. based on shopping budget and includes necessary buys to maintain stylish appearance. So it is different from the lust list which based only on our dreams.

If you wonder how I came up with the list, here are some of the sensible shopping ideas:

1. The item should match to what already is in your wardrobe: storage space and financial resources are limited, so I would go for an item that allows to create a few new looks by incorporating last season clothes

2. Review of inspiration boards: to remind myself what I am aiming for and not to end up with a pink jacket with ribbons again (it is super cute but does not really match me anymore)

3. The item should last a few seasons: preferences go to classic sleek designs and good quality. I simply cannot afford buying clothes that will get distorted after a wash or look outdated in 6 months

4. Include new accessories: they allow to give second breathe to last season clothes

5. Account for current situation: in my case it is pregnancy, so that explains the A-line black dress on my list. Talking about pants and mini skirt, they are for the after baby bump time

6. Give yourself a couple of options: I went a little bit generous with shoes to ensure I will be able to find / buy at least one of the styles. Plus, you know shoes… never enough!

The last thing: if any of the items from the list cannot be found that’s fine as then we would save money for the next season :)

I did not mention any brand names in my must have list to avoid this post sounds like an ad. But if you are interested to know, leave a comment and I will get back to you with the answer ASAP.

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  1. Jessica Kelly May 17, 2011

    Love love LOVE this list. I agree completely!

  2. Great list! At the moment I write my own clothes-for-vacation-list!

  3. Rosalia Marie May 17, 2011

    Great ideas/tips! Love the blue belt by the way! I am following :)

  4. Isabel Spectre May 17, 2011

    Really good list. I think it is really helpful to make check lists for what you want to get in order for you not to overspend or buy random things.. no impulse buys! that black dress and those black pants are fantastic :)

  5. Angel Garcia May 17, 2011

    I agree about the inspiration board. I always do them and it makes everything so much easier…

  6. francesca May 17, 2011

    great post!

  7. twenty something May 17, 2011

    Ohh such great picks! LOVING those leopard shoes. Just stunning!


  8. Gabrielle May 18, 2011

    I like this post,
    great choices here!
    following you back! :)

  9. Lyddiegal May 18, 2011

    with such great neutral pieces, it will be so easy for these to work with what you currently have – but of course for me the stand out pieces are the turquoise belt and leopard pumps!

  10. DanniiBeauty May 18, 2011

    Great post! Love everything in the picture and love your tips!

  11. Margarida May 18, 2011

    Hi! I just loved your must have list! Such lovely pieces! And also nice tips. :)

  12. Christine May 19, 2011

    Perfect the list! Like almost everything! Like reading your posts.


  13. caramellitsa May 20, 2011

    i so agree with this list!!!
    kisses <3