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As you may know lovelies from my extensive tweeting yesterday, I attended the 30 days of Fashion and Beauty VIP Press launch. It was a great event that gathered all the mighty fashion editors and the most powerful media of Australia under one roof. The latter is the category where I fall as a fashion blogger. I hope this will make you proud too, especially if you were following me from the beginning. Because that’s where we stand now – we have grown a lot and we have grown together.

Yesterday made me realise how much has been achieved in just over a year and I’m really looking forward to continuing this journey with you, my lovelies. What would I do without your continued support? And you know what?  Even more exciting is what lays ahead of us because only the sky is the limit!

On another note, its my Birthday today. WOOT! But the celebrations will be on Saturday, so expect to see photos sometimes soon after.

On a SECOND note, Joseph took such fantastic photos of the outfit that I wore to the 30 days of fashion and beauty launch that there had to be a separate post. Stay tuned – its coming out shortly!


Maria, the Birthday girl

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  1. Christina @ Hair Romance August 30, 2012

    Happy birthday darling xxx

  2. Melinda @ Shop Me Chic August 30, 2012

    Happy Birthday gorgeous. Hope you had a beautiful day . Enjoy your birthday celebrations this weekend! Xxx

  3. Absolute Amy August 30, 2012

    Happy Birthday beautiful girl – keep up the fabulous work, I always love reading your blog. A xx

  4. Hannah DeMilta August 30, 2012

    Happy Birthday and looking forward to more to come on this journey!

  5. Tania August 30, 2012

    Congratulations on the blog and happy birthday for today.. big love and keep the great posts coming x

  6. Amalia August 30, 2012

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations! :)

  7. The Dainty Dolls House August 30, 2012

    Happy Birthday my darling girl!! I hope you enjoy your special day, mine will be next week :))) Us Virgos are best :))) And I’m very happy for your blog and all it’s achieving, it’s made me think more on my blog and where it’s going to. Always a pleasure to come here and see what you’ve been doing & I know it’ll only go further and higher too!! Lots of love and hugs to you my dear!!! Xoxox

  8. E-von August 31, 2012

    Happy Birthday Maria! You look stunning in the photo, can’t wait to see more. And enjoy your birthday celebrations this weekend. Thank you for being so inspiring, it motivates me to take my blog to the next level :)

  9. Lauren September 1, 2012

    Happy birthday and congrats on all your achievements your Reilly inspiring x

  10. Anya Volkov September 2, 2012

    Happpppppy birthday Maria! Great idea about the virgo link up, I know Amy’s has just been & then Sonia and Melinda’s are yet to come! Will have to think of something for next year :) xxxxx