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Military black jacket, Sass and bide, winter fashion 2011, Sydney fashion blog, crashingred

I know bright colors are trending now but… I cannot help but keep coming back to black. That’s how I feel this winter. As much as I love red I am also addicted to dark lipsticks and onyx black nails too. I remember the first black nail polish I bought in London, which when brought back home to Siberia, created a lot of fuss and even resulted in me being suspended from lectures. Little did they know about fashion. When wearing all black, go for layers of different textures to avoid being too uniform. A military style jacket with a feminine dress, wool with leather, lace with jersey… you name it.

Marusya v, fashoin blogger, military style, balmain, winter fashion 2011, black, look

Marusya V, fashion blog Sydney, wearing black, military jacket, winter fashion 2011

Marusya V, fashion blog, trend, outfit, over the knee boots, black, military jacket, winter fashion, 2011

Fashion Blog, Sydney, 2011, style for pregnancy, military chic, winter fashion, leather, wool jacket, sass and bide

Layering and combining different styles in one monochrome outfit is chic. Yet nothing is wrong with black as a proclamation of minimalism… remember LBD? Always chic! But that will be another post, soon, when I’m finally able to leave my maternity clothing. Yes, lovelies, what you see is my kind of maternity clothing. It may be my last post in this condition! I should say my lovelies, the Day X may happen very soon (like very, very soon!). So if all of a sudden I disappear, then you know what is happening. I know you are curious but there will be no blogging from birthing suite! LOL

The black look:

Sass and Bide jacket; Zomp shoes; Witchery dress; L’Oreal Color Rich in Pure Burgundy lipstick; Mimco ring

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  1. Amalia June 16, 2011

    oh Wow!! I love the outfit, head to toe! You are very stylish and beautiful, I am so jealous, no way did I look like that while pg!!!

  2. Rosie June 16, 2011

    There’s nothing at all wrong with all black – in fact, most of night looks are all black!
    I love your jacket here,

    Rosie x

  3. marielleheart June 16, 2011

    Thanks for the comment! Every style is different! I picture these booties in an outfit and think it will look great.. Lovely pictures, like the jacket! x

  4. the Honey B June 16, 2011

    love those boots! you look adorable!

  5. Haute Style June 16, 2011

    DAMN! How hot do you look!? DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Jade June 16, 2011

    Chic as ever, good luck for the big day sweet!!! :D

  7. Kristin June 16, 2011

    Wow lady. That is one smokin’ hot look!

  8. Mars June 16, 2011

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Your version of maternity clothing is beyond fabulous. Black is timeless; nothing can beat the sophistication a black outfit evokes. Thanks for the tip about how to layer black clothes! I am following you now, too. You’ve got a great blog and you write well.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  9. Gracie June 16, 2011

    Wow! You look amazing. I have always loved black. I wear a lot of neutral colours and shades. And I hope all goes well for you :)

  10. Christine June 16, 2011

    You are such a stylish to-be-mummy! Not many pregnant girls have desire to be stylish – awesome! I love girls with round baby-bellies ;)


  11. Samantha June 17, 2011

    It’s hard to go wrong with black. Love your look, especially the boots!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


  12. Jaime @ la vie...j'aime June 17, 2011

    great pics and fabulous boots!

  13. gorgeousglam June 18, 2011

    I love black!! Happy weekend! xo

  14. Marina H June 18, 2011

    Gorgeous DOLL…You look amazing and those boots are a killer. I’m with you honey sometimes we can help but to go back to basics and black is definitely always in and fashionable.

    <3 Marina

  15. bestofbklyn June 20, 2011

    I love your look. Black is anything but basic, and it’s classic for a reason!

  16. crystal June 21, 2011

    lovely photos! you look hot in all black! xx

  17. Amy June 21, 2011

    Hot, hot, hot!!!!!

    I love black and usually team it with something really bright to offset it though. Must try the layered look!

  18. DanniiBeauty June 21, 2011

    A gorgeous and stylish outfit, looks great on you!

  19. veronica June 22, 2011

    love colours but i have missed black minimalism!

  20. Claudia Paola June 22, 2011

    You really pull off this sleek chic look! Oo black nail polish is one of my faves.. Wow I can’t believe you were suspended from lectures for it. Well, all in the name of fashion!!

  21. Glam Fashionista June 25, 2011

    love your entire look