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Photos by Cae Rale 

It’s interesting how much two people’s views on the same thing can differ. We were shooting outfit photos in Cremorne just before going to dinner with friends. It was too dark by the time we got to the location so we thought it would be a good idea to use the only available  light – street lights. While Joseph was taking photos of me, Cae photographed the process. Then Shell and I posed together. We look like orphans from the early XX century. Even though I’m wearing jacket with leather sleeves rather attributable to the latest 2012 fashion…

You’ll see tomorrow lovelies, how Joseph saw us through his lens.




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  1. wtmontana April 10, 2012

    These photos look so vintage! It’s like something out of my great grandmother’s scrapbook… <3

  2. Amalia April 10, 2012

    True, they do look vintage… beautifully captured!

  3. Chyrel Gomez April 10, 2012

    Yes, two people can look at the exact same thing and have entirely different views about it. Interesting shots. =)

  4. The Dainty Doll's House April 10, 2012

    Gorgeous, love B&W! Street lights always give cool effects to photos that I like too..can’t wait to see more :) Xx

  5. Norlin April 11, 2012

    I do love the effect of the street lights!! Amazing photos!

  6. Antonia-Ivana April 13, 2012

    The second picture is kind of scary haha it also reminds me of orphans of the early XX century.