Because Coach bag isn’t enough, there must be something more

You know what I love about Christmas and New Year the most? No, not food and not caraoke. Presents! I enjoy giving them as much as receiving.  Always starting my “present campaign” at least a month in advance… Though, this post has a different subject.  It’s about my little happiness caused by a delight found under the Christmas tree.

Silver leather and canvas Coach bag! It was something I fell in love from the first sight. Honestly, I spent about a year searching for a summer bag. Those who know me would confirm as that’s what it may take to find my ideal. So the Coach bag won my heart, but my brain stubbornly did not agree with the price. I kept coming back and checking if the bag was still there. In one of such visits, trying to justify the price I brought my darling Joseph along. Instead of comforting me by saying something like “Of course, buy this bag – we will be fed from its dazzling beauty for the next month”, he said “No, it is insane” and walked away.

They say anticipation brings more joy than the culmination. This time it was opposite – after unwrapping, unboxing and again unwrapping my present eventually appeared to the world and I was drouwned in happiness. Dear friends, there was my new bag – the Coach bag!

Actions say more than words – I do believe in this. If your man splurges on a bag to make you happy there is definitely much more in his heart for you than he says.

Bag: the Coach boutique.

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  1. Katerina February 18, 2011

    This I understand exactly- actions speak louder! It is soo true, nd also I love Coach bag, just bought one for myself in NY:) And as I wanted this bag a lot, the boy who says he loves me didnt buy it for me were staying close and did nothing….