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In the Queensland Art Gallery Marusya V, Dima and Joseph blog about art and fashion 2

I often hear people complaining about lack of cultural background here, in Australia. Difficult to argue with that since Australia is a young country and, of course, cannot be compared to Europe with its thousands of years of history. Nonetheless, regarding culture and arts in general, I would say that there is a lot to do and to see in the land of DownUnder. There is always something on – from emerging artists’ exhibitions to internationally renowned performers’ shows. So if you are really into arts, it is easy to find an exciting event to attend.

Of course, we all are constantly lacking free time. However, similarly to your body needing food and water to exist, your soul and brain also need to be fed regularly.  To me, this kind of treat is time spent in a quite atmosphere of gallery. It feels different – it is the time to relax, reflect, renew and get inspired. If you think about what you see, you may find answers to some of the most important questions and acquire inner balance. At least for a while… till your next gallery visit.

In the Queensland Art Gallery Marusya V blog about art and fashion

Below some of the paintings of Australian artists of XX century which impressed me the most. If you are or will be in Brisbane and would like to see some of the best of Australian art, you may wish to devote one day to visiting Queensland Art Gallery.

Charles Blackman Blue Alice 1956-57

Charles Blackman "Blue Alice" 1956-57


Sydney Nolan "Mrs Fraser" 1947

Sydney Nolan "Mrs Fraser" 1947

Sydney Nolan Frenchmen Lead 1949

Sydney Nolan "Frenchmen Lead" 1949

Sydney Long Spirit of the Plains 1897

Sydney Long "Spirit of the Plains" 1897

B. Hall

B. Hall

Walter Weathers Wet day 1892

Walter Weathers "Wet day" 1892

P.S. For coffee lovers, I would highly recommend getting your latte (and a chocolate cake – of course!) from a coffee shop inside of the gallery.Marusya V blog about fashion and art

My outfit for the day in the gallery:

Kookai yellow top, Celine Jeans in silk, golden bracelet & golden sandals, Coach canvas & leather bag

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  1. Chyrel February 18, 2011

    this a pretty nice gallery. love the text on this post as well. :)

  2. Marusya V February 18, 2011

    Thank you Chyrel, – we are trying to keepthis blog nice and interesting:) seems to be working! xx

  3. Fanny March 5, 2011

    i love your outfit, simple and shic, your sandals are amazing x