Going Art Deco in XXI century

I fell for mysterious glamour of the roaring twenties in a tender age of 8. There was a thick green book of the XX century fashion illustrations. One particular section was my favourite – where women of sleek silhouettes were pictured wearing little cure hats, fur on shoulders, long necklaces and had their hair cut shot. That affected me strong enough to convince my granddad to cut my hair exactly as it was on one of the pictures – straight cut bob with a fringe (i.e. Louise Brooks’ haircut). My parents were mortified when I appeared being all happy with my new hairstyle. Well, my granddad was an engineer by profession not a hairdresser.

My next step to Art Deco incorporation in my life was an acquisition of The Hat. As in shops in Siberia they did not sell such hats and Internet even was not invented in that time, I had to construct my hat myself. It’s a pity I have no pictures of that amazing black velour creation, but it caused me being called “Mushroom” every time I wore it to school. I cared less than nothing about that as so popular pink-blue-beige girly winter hats with pompons have never been something I considered as my style. I will tell you more about the hats in my life in future posts. Will keep this post pure – being a tribute to Art Deco era.

Obviously, the outfit I have constructed out of different pieces is inspired by glorious 1920-s.  The components are:

– Lace blouse i bought from the Surf shop in manly for $20

– Mantani suit – cropped pants and cropped jacket – $180 all together

– DIY headpiece which i made last year to wear for Melbourne Cup (races)

– Gary Castles shoes

– pearl necklace – gift from my mum

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  1. Alina January 27, 2011

    Love the outfit really nice photos, inspired me to do a 20’s article! great reading :)

  2. Joseph January 30, 2011

    Great post, interesting to hear how far reaching Louise Brooks’ influence can be – all the way to the middle of Siberia in the 90’s. Location suits the outfit perfectly and the pictures are outstanding. Love it!

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