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Red cardigan, silver, black dress, red tights, style ideas, winter, casual look, outfit ideas, fashion blog, Sydney, crashingred

Red is one of my favorite colors. I guess it is obvious even from the name of this blog, CrashingRed. As a tribute to the color of passion and as something fun to do, it was decided to make RED a theme for this week’s posts. This outfit post is the opening. As much as I wanted to create a red head to toe look, I had to be conservative due to restrictions imposed by my baby bump. Arghhh!

So the beloved Witchery A-line dress is in the game again. This time, as a part of a casual look with the main purpose to serve as a background to strong reds: cardigan, tights and lips. Unexpectedly, my experimental silver nails resulted in an interesting contrast with the red cardigan. To strengthen the “red & silver” effect, I added some jewellery to the outfit and a hint of silver eye powder to makeup.

Seriously, I cannot wait for the baby bump period to end. Not only because of my desire to be able to wear whatever I want but simply to feel like a normal human being again. Dear readers, you may judge me for these words but the whole 8 months were a real challenge, physically and emotionally. May be my little body was not constructed well to handle the “joys” of pregnancy or whatever the reason is… I am so looking forward to the day X. Counting days!

Red cardigan, black dress, red tights, style ideas, winter, casual look, outfit ideas for autumn

Red cardigan, black dress, silver jewelery, styling red, casual look, outfit ideas for autumn

Maria Vlezko, Crashingred, Fashion blogger, Sydnye, silver, red and black , style ideas, Australia

Excuse me taking away from the subject of outfit… It was a moment of distraction.

Back on track: to the color red! Did you know, for example, that red symbolises passion, energy, love and beauty? More about color red and styling ideas easy to implement in real life in my next post.

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  1. Christine June 7, 2011

    Lady in red ;) So lady-like, so sexy.


  2. caramellitsa June 7, 2011

    you look soo pretty in red!!
    your blog name is perfect for you :DD

    kisses <3


  3. veronica June 7, 2011

    so chic!

  4. Ling June 7, 2011

    You look stunning. Red is a gorgeous colour and I love it too!!!

  5. Natsumi June 7, 2011

    I seriously love you more every post I read! I can’t ever imagine anyone truly loving pregnancy. I think Day X is the best part about pregnancy! Why would anyone cherish the process when it’s all about the little person you create that enters the world and you can see, touch, hug, etc.?

    Red suits you SO well! It’s such a tricky color and I admire you for pairing it up with silver, I always feel gold is better because of the matching warm tones but silver makes it edgy! Maybe one day…

  6. Maria V June 7, 2011

    Thank you lovelies for your compliments!
    @Natsumi Thank you for support! It’s great to find understanding :):):)

  7. Note taken ;) I love red and need to wear it more often. Loving that cardigan!

  8. Victoria June 7, 2011

    Red is my favourite colour! Love it!

    It suits you so well. I also love the red/coral lippy you are wearing

  9. Maryam June 7, 2011

    some people are just meant for red–you are that woman!!!

  10. Sarah June 9, 2011

    I really like red. I love your tights, I used to have some red tights but they broke recently :-(.


  11. Very cool outfit!

  12. Amalia June 16, 2011

    Wow I love the nails!! The red tights too!