Nautical Australia Day 2011

First of all, some info for non-Australians – Australia Day is celebrated on 26 January every year and is a public holiday. This day is a tribute to unique Australian lifestyle and all the goodness this country offers to its citizens. Sun, surf, beach and thongs is the essence of Australian lifestyle. The most popular festive activity is barbeque and yeah, loads of shrimps being thrown on “barbie” (i.e. barbeque). Pool party is the second popular way of celebrating Australia day, but not the most convenient for the hosts. Cleaning the pool next day is, let’s say, difficult after a few dozen of extra-happy beer-unfused friends decorated with all the possible Australia day inspired paints and temporary tattoos. I had experienced both ways of celebrating Australia Day and still thinking which one is the best and funnier.

This year, I celebrated Australia Day in Sydney by having a culture infused programme for the entire day. We crossed Sydney Harbour on ferry to land in the centre of all the festivities. The Rocks’ music festival – 60 singers and performers, there were 5 stages showing non-stop simultaneous performances. I really enjoyed voice of Gail Page – Australian soul, rhythm-and-blue singer. It is a pity, we did not get to see Katie Noonan and The Captain as my dear J.P. for whatever reasons had to settle in the Cruise bar to enjoy his Australia day afternoon drink with a view on Sydney Opera House.

We then witnessed an amazing boat parade. There were old boats sailing along with motor boats and some weird luxury rocket-like ships. Past and present, youth and elders, various nations, diverse food – it was an interesting mixture to witness all around Sydney Harbour on that day. I really loved my cultural Australian Day and, hope, despite the absence of temp-tattoos decorations, I matched in my nautical outfit to the day’s mood – sun, sails and ocean!
Cheers – Australia!

If you would like to see some interesting photos of my Australia day experiences – please visit:

Flickr Or

Nautical mood was created:

– White hat – $14 from some corner shop

– Stripe Dress – $69 (on sales) from Saba

– Golden earrings and bracelets – $25 from markets on Airlie Beach

– Beige & gold sandals – last year’s Melbourne purchase

– Bag – from Coach boutique in Sydney

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  1. Aurelia April 13, 2011

    Love the dress and the hat looks so cute!