Not quite Cinderella

I love starting my day with a cup of good coffee, to think about plans while enjoying it… With arrival of the baby time devoted to self-indulgence shrunk considerably. Everything must be done much faster. Coffee to be consumed in 5 seconds. No time for changing outfits either. Last Sunday I had to get ready for a lunch in a flash.

Marusya V, fashion blog Sydney, winter 2011 fashion, outfit, casual style, Witchery dress, biker jacket

Almost like Cinderella: rushing from house work to the ball! Except that I don’t have a fairy to save me.

Obviously, going out in my home wear would be ridiculous.  So in less than 10 minutes and without any  involvement of magic I had to come up with a quick outfit makeover. That’s what I did to turn a home dress of unknown color into a look suitable for public appearances we need:

– Quick hair do: make a high pony tail, twist and secure with pins.

– Makeup: a foundation, bit of blush and lipgloss will refresh you look instantly.

– Wear boots (high boots even more preferable!) instead of flats/ uggs / sleepers.

– Throw fitted jacket on top. No shapeless cardies allowed in this case.

– Add jewelery: statement ring, earrings or a nice scarf.

Marusya V, fashion blogger Sydney, winter style, outfit ideas, casual style
Marusya V, fashion blog Sydney, winter 2011 style, outfit ideas, casual style, Witchery dress, biker jacket

Jacket & Boots

Marusya V, fashion blog Sydney, new season fashion, outfit ideas, casual style, Witchery dress, biker jacket

Feeling happy!

Marusya V, fashion blog Sydney, winter 2011 style, outfit, casual style, Witchery dress, biker jacket

Happy End!

The makeover takes 7 minutes! Yet the result is a positive self esteem. Priceless! You feel great, stylish and not ashamed of your ‘too casual’ looks. Who knows you may get photographed by a street style blogger or meet your Prince?

As you see, looking nice does not take hours neither does it require any magical intervention. There is no excuse for walking around in your uggs outside of the house. We are women. We were made to be beautiful. So let it be: stay charming, chic, inspire and be inspired!

Have a wonderful week, lovelies! And hey, stay beautiful ;)

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  1. what a lovely way to style a homedress! I really need one of those home dresses too! they’re so easy and comfy! x

  2. Nadine July 18, 2011

    Thanks for sharing. You are quite right, it doesn’t take that much time and effort to style a little bit more ladylike. :)
    I really like these boots.

    Here’s to a happy week. XO.

  3. Norlin July 18, 2011

    Yup, definitely doesn’t take much to dress up! :) You look great btw!! xx

  4. Jade July 18, 2011

    Love it and so true, you learn to be quick and intuitive with wardrobe choices once kids come into the scene :)

  5. closet fashionista July 19, 2011

    Oh wow love both the looks!! You did a great job converting your day look to a more nighttime one :)

  6. veronica July 19, 2011


  7. Amy July 19, 2011

    Love, love, love the boots! And so true, it doesn’t take much to spruce yourself up a bit and who doesn’t want to look as nice as possible as often as possible? Great post xx

  8. Marina July 20, 2011

    You are a Cinderella girl!!! Look at that outfit is gorgeous just gorgeous!

    <3 Marina

  9. caramellitsa July 21, 2011

    you look so stylish!!
    in the 1st photo you are like a model!!

  10. Flara July 23, 2011

    lovely look!!!