Ocean Blue

Blue skinny jeans, fashion blogger Sydney, monochrome outfit, casual style

Finally, after 9 long months, I can wear whatever I want again. Miranda Kerr was famously showing off her perfect bikini body just 5 weeks after giving birth. I am not going  to upload photos of myself in bikini on this blog. Plus its winter time in Australia. So the best I could do to show off my postnatal body shape is to wear the skinniest out of all my skinny jeans.

My fiancée took these photos during our first walk along the beach just 2 days after I got back home from hospital. That was also the first day when I became able to walk and of course, was dying to see the ocean.

Marusya V, fashion blogger, walking along the beach, Dee Why, blue Mango jeans jacket, winter style, outfit

Blue skinny jeans, fashion blogger Sydney, crashingred, monochrome outfit, casual style

Fitted Mango jeans jacket, Dee Why beach, Sydney fashion blog, postnatal body shape

Some say it’s bad taste to wear double denim. Others say it’s on trend now. Personally I don’t care who says what… I was just happy to wear two of my favourite items again: blue skinny jeans and fitted Mango jacket. Woollen turtle neck sweater ensured the warmth for a winter chilly evening.

Marusya V, fashion blogger Sydney, ocean, casual outfit, jeans

To complete the look, I continued with a monochrome colour scheme when choosing accessories: light blue belt and ink blue shoes.

Trend denim, monochrome outfit, blue, blue leather belt Mavi, silver rings, fashion blog Sydney

Ink blue sneakers, casual shoes, fashion blog Sydney, Zomp shoes

Oh yeah, you might remember these sneakers from the post about the choice between 6 pairs, so I ended up buying No 2 and… something else! Will show you, lovelies, later ;)

Trend jeans, skinny jeans, winter, post pregnancy body shape, casual style, mango jacket, Kookai turtle neck jumper, Zomp shoes, fashion blog Sydney

Ocean blue… ocean blue… is it a song or a style? Or me getting a little bit overwhelmed by hormones of happiness?

Trend jeans, skinny jeans, winter, casual style, mango jacket, Zomp shoes, fashiob blog Sydney


Mustang jeans, Mango jacket, Kookai turtle neck, Mavi blue leather belt, ink blue sneakers from Zomp shoes, Bulgari ring gifted and engagement ring

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  1. DeniseAngela June 29, 2011

    You look so fab…..love your ring……..and your double denim!

  2. Victoria June 29, 2011

    You look great! :) I absolutely loved the belt.. mmm.. I want one just like that!

  3. Christine June 29, 2011

    So honey, congratulation! When looking at your pics, it’s unbelievable that you were pregnant. Super body, sexy woman. Respect!


  4. Lexi June 29, 2011

    Wow hon, you look fabulous!
    And so happy!

    I wish I looked this hot even without having babies!

  5. Angela June 29, 2011

    Are you sure you had a baby? haha :P You look gorgeous and very happy!

  6. Ashley June 29, 2011

    You looks amazing!!!!

    xo Ash

  7. Marina June 29, 2011

    Honey you look absolutely ‘FABULOUS’ WOW..no one would ever guest you had had a beautiful baby!!! Congrats once again on your bundle of joy!! Love all your pics.

    <3 Marina

  8. Catherine *The Spring* June 29, 2011

    Double denim works for me! Congratulations on the birth! You’re looking fab!
    – Catherine at The Spring

  9. A Fine balance June 29, 2011

    What a beautiful engagement ring! I love the pictures with the sunset. Your style is so classic and elegant. And the teal belt adds that extra punch!

  10. Ashley June 30, 2011

    Wow lady! You look fantastic! Congratulations on your new addition! Oh, and for the record, I happen to love denim on denim, especially when it’s 2 different washes. Well styled!

  11. DanniiBeauty June 30, 2011

    You look gorgeous as always! I love the beach – my favourite place to relax. Love your whole outfit. Hope all is going well with you and bub. xx

  12. Margarida July 7, 2011

    What? Only 2 days after? You are a lucky woman because you have already a great body. Very thin and with a great figure. :)
    Lovely photos!

  13. Amy July 8, 2011

    You look gorgeous in this casual look. Can’t believe it’s only two days after bubba was born. Good for you! xx

  14. Maryam July 12, 2011

    Congrats dorogaya!!! You look absolutely amazing!!! 2 days after giving birth??!!! You should definitely show off that bikini bod cuz you’ve got it!!! As far as posting pix of your bundle of joy, I totally understand… It took me a while before I could post pix of my bro and sis, and still, I made sure they were masked (MJ style) lol… Congrats again!!! Can’t wait to see and read more :DDD